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Password Reset

By paulbelliard ·
I have an operational Dell Workstation which I have forgotten which is the password for the windows login. I have tried to use a number of password reset utilities such as Winternals ERD Commander to reset the password. When Winternals boots from the CD Rom it does not find an OS image for some reason. Is there something I can do in regards to the Winternals issue? Or is there another way around the Windows Password without having to rebuild the PC? Is there another utility out there that I can use to reset the password? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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by antuck In reply to Password Reset

What OS are you using? If 2K or XP have you tried booting to safemode and logging on as administrator?

I have used the tool on this web site. It has worked about 80% of the time. They say you may have to try a couple of times to have it work.

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Windows XP

by paulbelliard In reply to

I have windows XP. Thing is that its the Administrator password that I am trying to reset. So it won't work in safe mode either. I think the link that you gave me I have tried. And the same thing happens, where it doesn't seem to find the NTFS partition where I want to reset the password.

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Disk partition

by graeme In reply to Windows XP

Have you tried loading a second copy of windows onto the drive, into a different directory.....I suspect the drive partition is not standard. However if you are able to get a second copy of windows on you can use disk partitioning software to convert to a standard. Careful though....would well be worth pulling the drive first and backing up to anyother drive

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Bypassing Password

by gjcooper1960 In reply to Password Reset

G'day mate. I gather you can get into the machine, but not as admin.
1. log in
2. rename the current screen saver (x.scr).
3. Copy cmd.exe to the name of the screen saver.
When the screen saver cuts in it will execute the cmd.exe with full admin priveledges and you will be able to run usrmgr.

Good Luck

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by paulbelliard In reply to Bypassing Password

I don't get into the PC with any username and password. I have tried it all. I am going to rebuild the Workstation. Thanks for all the input. And remember all your passwords. That is Key........LOL :)

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Password reset

by jgaudet In reply to Password Reset

I don't know if you tried it or not or if in fact that you have already rebuilt the machine, but have you tried removing and replacing the jumper switches on the system board?

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Reset The Password

by zenithindia In reply to Password Reset

If U Have Forgot The Password, First U Have To Remove The CMOS Battery From The CPU. Power On The CPU Without CMOS Battery 10 Sec's. U Have To Power Off The CPU And Then Replace The CMOS Battery And Power On The CPU. Finally U Can Enter The Windows Without Login

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Win XP Password reset the easy way

by darren In reply to Reset The Password

I use a linux boot disk called Austrumi. Details of which below.


Austrumi is a Linux bootable ISO image for recovering NT passwords and other cool tools and methods, sized for Business Card size CD media (50Mb). It allows you to change any password, including that of the Administrator, on a partition occupied by Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Simply boot the CD and when you get to the initial boot prompt, type:

boot: nt_pass

This will launch a console utility that will detect Windows partitions on the hard disk and provide you with a menu to modify any user or Administrator passwords on the Windows system. It will even give access to the Windows registry for recovery purposes. Quite a handy utility to keep in your wallet (AUSTRUMI is small enough to fit on a business card-size CD) if you are unfortunate enough to having to deal with Windows machines in your line of work.


This tool got me out of a whole lot of Cow dung a few times now.


Darren Foster
Office - 01872 888148
Mobile - 07881 805523
Skype me - darrenfoster1976

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by sweetwoman In reply to Win XP Password reset the ...

nt_pass....does not work now...

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by trriangle In reply to Password Reset


You can try using Active@ Password Changer tool to reset lost or forgotten password.

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