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Password reset - cannot boot from CD.

By NeuroGoneGeo ·
Hello Lovely Question-answerers!
I have an IBM Thinkpad laptop.
I Knocked it off the domain, have no local admin password. OOPS! So.....
Searched Q&A, located reset tool, burned ISO file to CD.
Opened BIOS settings, changed boot order to CD/DVD 1st boot for both the BIOS options found there (standard and network?). Won't boot from CD, jumps straight to OS.
So.... excluded all except the CD drive from the boot order, still won't boot from CD, says no OS is found.
Found another layer affectong boot order = "Intel Boot Agent", witha 'network boot protocol' which has settings I cannot change. Not sure what this is - perhaps put in place to prevent me doing just what I'm trying to do??

Any suggestions? Should I try other reset tool CDs/ another copy of the CD I've already made to ensure that it's not just a glitch with the first oen I made?

Or is this little challenge going to get really exotic?



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by cmiller5400 In reply to Password reset - cannot ...

Are there several types of cd/dvd drives listed? I seem to remember that there were IDE/ATAPI and USB options for that. Try the USB cd/dvd drive as the first boot disk.

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by NeuroGoneGeo In reply to

Hi cm5400 - Yes, there are several CD drive listed. I have tried all combinations.
The CD drive whirs at what I guess is the appropriate point, but then the sytem jumps to starting the OS. If the HD is excluded from the boot order, the error message is "Could not locate operating system".
I am making a guess that either
1) The machine has some override to prevent booting non-OS software from CD (perhaps this is what the INTEL boot agent is?)
2) Thje CD I have made is dodgy.

I'll make a different CD while I see what you guys think.

Many thanks


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by CG IT In reply to Password reset - cannot ...

all you did was burn an image of the program that resets the admin account password. you didn't include the files required to boot the comp [e.g. boot to DOS mode]. Most password reset programs don't have the files needed to boot the computer only the files to reset the password. Suggest you read the information on the site you got the program from on how to use it.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Password reset - cannot ...

There are some possible reasons;
1. When the computer is booting on some computers is a message like ?Press any key to boot from CD?, if is a CD in your CDROM.
2. Your CD is bootable? (try it on other computer)
Intel boot agent is a tool for booting from network.
For resetting the administrator password, there are other solutions. For see those go to following links:

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by NeuroGoneGeo In reply to Password reset - cannot ...

In resonse to sensible suggestions below - I must have a case of panic-over-rides-logic syndrome!

I will revert once I have R.T.F.Manual.


(Many thanks for being restrained with the well-deserved sarky comments.)

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by chrisl317 In reply to Password reset - cannot ...

All it's trying to do is boot from the NIC (it's a PXE network adapter), why? Couldn't tell you. But, it should be changelable in the boot order.

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by CG IT In reply to Password reset - cannot ...

look the BIOS has many different options available for boot order. the Intel boot agent as Clichowi suggested is the PXE boot which means the computer will boot using the NIC card to locate a DHCP server on the network in which to get an IP address from, then install an O/S via a RIS server [there other applications for a PXE capable NIC but that's not the problem here].

Instead of a CD [if you have a new Dell this won't work as they don't have floppy disks] create a Windows 98 or XP boot disc set which includes boot with CD ROM support [MSCDEX]. Boot to the floppies [with CD ROM support] then run the program from the CD or hopefully the program you have also has a floppy version. Stick the program on a seperate floppy, boot using the Windows boot discs then insert the floppy with the program on it and run the program.

note: these types of programs typically only reset the default administrator password. Typically they do not reset any user passwords who are members of the administrators security group.

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by CG IT In reply to

sorry for the first comments but I've been asked mumerous times by people who doesn't their image boot the comp. I'll ask what is the image of and they say oh some program and I'm like well, howzit gonna boot without any boot files. Their answer is "err...ah... oh...I dunno". Can't boot without a basic I/O.sys and in which to get to a command prompt.

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by zlitocook In reply to Password reset - cannot ...

If this is a company computer and some how you removed it from the domain, you will not be able to add it back unless you know the user name and password with the permissions to do this. As for the Bios or system not letting you change things.
Most computers and laptops will let you set a password that you have to use to change settings.
IBM ThinkPad?s if I remember right are the third screen in, you can disable the password but on a laptop it is vary hard to do. You need to remove the battery, put something between the battery so it will stop powering the system.

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by digitrog In reply to Password reset - cannot ...

One of the replies I reckon was close to the mark ... as it seems all you have done is to make a copy of the OS install files onto a CD, and unless it was a 100% full ISO copy of an install CD there is NO way that CD can boot.
You will need to get hold of an official Bootable OS install disk (which you can test in that computer to see if it will allow the CD boot option) and use your copy of the files - copy those to a folder on the hard drive. Now run your burner program set to Create a Bootable CD, select your files and when prompted you will need the genuine disk so the burner can capture the boot sector files to add to your creation.
(but, after all is done, there is still that chance the OS on that computer may be setup to search for the Network protocol to initialise the boot-up).

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