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    Password Security in Solaris 8


    by michael mahan ·

    Is there any way to limit user to selecting a password with thefollowing limitations:
    1. Mixture of upper and lower case letters
    2. At least one number
    3. At least one special character
    4. no more than 2 repeated characters
    5. not a variation of the username.

    In HP-UX and AIX, we are able to do it, but Solaris does not have any way to limit the content of the password. The file “/etc/default/passwd” does allow us to limit password age and minimum length, but that is it.

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      Reply To: Password Security in Solaris 8

      by cpfeiffe ·

      In reply to Password Security in Solaris 8

      I don’t believe you can with the default password program. However you can get npasswd for free and use it instead of the default passwd program. To make things easy you can rename npasswd passwd and put it where the original passwd program is located or you can link to it from the original passwd executable. Of course, save the original first.

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