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Password to open IE

By tech06 ·
Is there a way to impose a security password on the Internet Explorer 6? We have a Windows 98SE machine with IE6 and would like to prevent certain users from launching the program without a password. We also thought about upgrading to Windows 2000/XP but just wanted to make sure if it can be done first.

Any help is appreciated.


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by allthegoodnamesweregone In reply to Password to open IE

i do not believe there is a way to impose a password on just IE6.

Do the upgrade to 2k or xp, i'm a strong believer that all 98 boxes should be burned to the ground.

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by Ltop In reply to Password to open IE

To prevent certain users from launching the app without a password indicates you want to be able to stop certain people from internet browsing.

Definately upgrade to W2k or XP.

You could then allow / restrict access to files / folders by account name, etc.

You have an Internet User policy in place? If this is a businss then you should consider implementing one as part of HR responsibility so that if a user is caught viewing something they shouldn't, they have already been warned as to what is acceptable and what is not.

Also putting in a Proxy so that the web browsing habits can be monitored, and letting users know that they can be monitored (refer User policy) could also not hurt.

let us know how u get on,


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by kawarimi In reply to Password to open IE

Hmm.. I am using firewall/proxy server to control the Internet access, locking up the Internet Explorer was not a good option since most of the client workstation need it to access to certain local resource

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Password to open IE

A couple of years ago I installed RedHat 9 with Squid - see - on an old PC as a web proxy server for 120 users. Squid comes as standard with a Fedora Core 4 server.

It is possible to allow or deny browser access by IP address or user authentication. Several user authentication methods are available, e.g. LDAP, SMB and MSNT. In other words, Squid can co-exist with your Windows servers.

Squid has flexible configuration options. You can deny access to sites like Hotmail from all users and you can grant access to only a list of selected work related websites to some your users. You also control the filetypes users are allowed to download.

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by dwightp In reply to Password to open IE


We had to restrict some users in our office environment from accessing IE and a few other programs. We use a product called Winguard pro which can be downloaded from the website by the same name and it works great. Only users with the password can access the Internet or certain programs on the computer.

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by muthukumar.g In reply to Password to open IE

Dear Friend,
I also suggest to upgrade to xp/2000 with adsi support, so that you can give permissions to users and limit them. also consider using ISA to limit website access and protocol access..

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