password trouble

By erhon88 ·
i have a laptop that runs win xp professional it has a password on it and it was a hand me down. the password was set up by my moms work and no body rembers the password is there any way to get around that??

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ring support

by asredas In reply to password trouble

ive seen similar questions in my short time on the forum, and most people will tell you to ring microsoft support to get a walkthrough of how to do it. If im wrong about this im sure someone will correct me.

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If the system was a hand me down

by w2ktechman In reply to password trouble

from a workplace, the support technicians from stated workplace should be able to remove the PW for you.

If they are unable to, then as the previous poster recommended, contact Microsoft or the Vendor of the system. These are the recommended ways to deal with this kind of issue.

As a hand me down from a business, there are likely applications that are licensed to the business still. These should be removed. If it was from a business that uses images, your OS license is invalid and you will need to purchase a new OS.

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use a password reset disk

by ken In reply to password trouble

Here is the one I use. Don't let the instructions scare you. Just use the default choices

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Because this is an Exbusiness computer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to password trouble

The correct way to deal with this is to wipe the drive and install the OS and any related software that you require.

For nothing other than safety issues you should do this so that if something goes wrong the finger can not be pointed at you for any Security Breach that occurs.

The business should have the original install Media and you can get a copy of Boot & Nuke from here to wipe the drive.

Idealy a replacement HDD should be fitted and the one installed given back to the business.

if this is an Off The Shelf unit the business to comply with the M$ EULA should be handing over the Install Media for at the very least Windows. However if there is no COA on the case they have a Volume License Product in which case you don't have a Legit Copy of Windows so you should either buy a License or look at another OS so that you remain Legal and don't run the risk of Major Financial Damages from using Pirate Software.


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