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    Passwords – Windows Boot Up


    by sboone ·

    I have a client who wants to get rid of their Windows password. They also want to get rid of the password that was input for them when they hit the F10 during bootup. Does anyone know how to get rid of the F10 password? I have not found any information yet on this. Thanks in advance.

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      Passwords – Windows Boot Up

      by lovetheavguy ·

      In reply to Passwords – Windows Boot Up

      I was just reading this today from my A+ book
      and it goes as such:
      The most direct method of getting around a password is to access the local machine and delete the username.PWL file in the C:\Windows directory. Another method of getting around a forgotten password is remove the the Client for Microsoft Networks protocol from the Network Components window, and then reinstall it. When you restart the system, it will ask you to establish a new user who will have a new password. UNQUOTE.


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      by bobby gillette ·

      In reply to Passwords – Windows Boot Up

      Sounds like the “F10” password is a BIOS password. To rid yourself of that simply go into BIOS and disable the User password (BIOSes vary greatly, you can generally leave the supervisor or administrator password in BIOS alone). If you still have problems getting rid of it you can also clear the BIOS via either
      a) a jumper on the motherboard, consult the motherboard user manual for more information or
      b) find the CMOS battery (usually looks like a large watch battery) and try to remove it for a couple of minutes.

      As far as your Windows passwords, as Impala said, you simply delete all .PWL files on your HD (do a Find All Files, enter *.pwl in the Named field), then reboot. Once you reboot you’ll be greeted with another login screen. Enter any username with a blank password, it will then prompt you to confirm it, make sure both are blank, then click OK…you won’t be prompted ever again 🙂

      Hope that helps…


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        F10 Sounds Like a Compaq Machine

        by brucegyl ·

        In reply to Passwords

        If you have a Compaq bgillett is on target. Find the password jumper and ‘pull it or move it’ as indicated by your manual. If no manual call Compaq. This is the only way to get a BIOS pwd off a Compaq.

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