Pasting in Outlook 2003 Error

By Mikael21 ·
When a user copies text or anything from a webpage, word document, etc. and then invokes a new message in Outlook, when he pastes, it does not produce the intended text that was copied, yet an icon (e.g., the blue help and support question mark icon).

However if he opens a new message window, then copies from the external source, and then pastes into the already opened message window, the intended result is the copied text.

Apparenty this is a common problem as I found in many google searches however there are no solutions posted anywhere.

I have checked the COM Add-Ins, performed a Detect and Repair, and also Reinstalled Office. Yet the issue remains.

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"no solutions "

by seanferd In reply to Pasting in Outlook 2003 E ...

Except opening the new message window first, right?

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re: no solutions

by Mikael21 In reply to "no solutions "

That is correct. If he opens the window first, then copies, then pastes, it works fine.

I've checked out the clipbrd viewer as well during the copy/paste function and the viewer actually shows the copied text turn into the icon.

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I'd guess this is "not an error, but a feature..."

by TobiF In reply to Pasting in Outlook 2003 E ...

Or at least a creature...

The copy-paste function in Windows is a complicated thing. Until you paste whatever you copied, it is kept in many different formats (behind the scene).

I'd guess that if the message window is open, and you copy anything anywhere, then outlook will somehow mark a link to this place, and will then be able to do a correct "paste" afterwards.

A parallel case:
When I'm controlling another computer via logmein, I can copy a piece of text from one computer and paste to the other one. (very convenient), but this only works if I copy after I have started the remote session.

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by Mikael21 In reply to I'd guess this is "not an ...

Hi Tobi, I don't know if that's the case since I am able to copy a selection of text from anywhere on my computer, open a new outlook message, then paste successfully.

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Text wouldn't be a problem, it's kept by default

by TobiF In reply to re:

But when you try to copy more complicated things, like a combination of text, images and layout, then the standard buffert's text(+sometime bitmap image) may not be enough.
But, if outlook "is around" when you do the "copy", then it can maintain its own "buffer", just in case you'll paste into an outlook window.

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by Mikael21 In reply to Text wouldn't be a proble ...

Meant to put this in with my last reply:

Text even in a plain notepad file, if thats copied and pasted, it produces the blue question mark icon instead of just the text.

So I'm not sure if its the whole buffer/specific application of text being pasted which is responsible for this happening.

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One more indication (from the other side)

by TobiF In reply to re:

The clipboard is less autonomous, than one would think.
You surely have had this: When you close Word, you get the question: "You have placed a large amount of text on the Clipboard. Do you want this text to be available to other applications after you quit Word?".

I'd translate it such: While the donor program is running, the clipboard is happy with just a link, which will be served by the donor whenever a paste is called for.

When you close word, the copybuffer is copied to some pocket of Windows, in several different formats.

Oh: Excel has even more formats it can offer (format, value, image, etc.), but only as long as the "copy" command is still active (while the frame around the selection is "live").

Edit: Double checked the text of Word dialog.

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by Mikael21 In reply to One more indication (from ...

Good stuff to know, I do appreciate the input. I can understand the logic you present, although my client feels as though the intuitiveness of the process of opening the new message window first then selecting the donor text to copy is backwards. I can't say I disagree with him. That's the way I would think to do it.

However, I guess he will just have to adjust his habit and live with it the way it is. We have tried everything from reinstalling Office, detect and repair, registry cleaners, virus scans, etc. Still the pasting issue persists.

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An unproven idea

by TobiF In reply to re:

Although I use Outlook all the time at work, I don't like it. My copy of Office 2003 is on my private computer, and I threw away Outlook long time ago. Therefore, I didn't have any chance to try this. So, this is in theory:

What if you make a small VBA-macro "e-mail selection" and create a corresponding button and/or menu item? It's very easy to do.

Then, the macro, of course, will instantiate a new mail item and then paste the selection into the body. Almost same macro should work for all office programs.

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by santeewelding In reply to An unproven idea

This is fascinating.

Stuff I used to do with a pencil and eraser.

Still do.

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