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Pasting in the Header location

By kwndleslie ·
I would like to know if it is possible to paste in the header section of Excel? I wanted to take a couple of lines from my spreadsheet and title the pages by copying and pasting in the header but Excel doesn't seem to want to let me do this. Is this possible? I've tried several times. Please advise!

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by Juergen Hartl In reply to Pasting in the Header loc ...

you can NOT paste copied cell(s) into custome headers/footers. However you could combine all the cells into one like
=TEXT(E1 & D1 &C1&B1&A1,"#")
then copy this cell and pasteSpecial-Values into a cell edit this cell select all and copy again. Now you can paste this into a costum header (SHIFT+INSERT).
Odd and cumbersome but it works.

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by kwndleslie In reply to

I tried this but I couldn't figure it out. Not an excel expert. Thank you for your time.

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by jbmccarthy69 In reply to Pasting in the Header loc ...

Here is a better way.
Leave the couple of lines where they are.
In Page Setup, select the Sheet tab.
There is a little area called Print titles with values you can put in for 'Rows to repeat at top'. To the right of the entry field, almost in the entry field, is an icon. Click on it; your spreadsheet in now showing. Select the lines (rows) you want as a header. Click the icon in the small page setup dialog. It expands to its original size and shows cell reference.
Try the Print Preview.
You should now see your lines as the header of every page.

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