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    Pasting into Excel


    by bcasselman ·

    In my job, I research the web and “copy” values (numbers) from lists which I paste into an Excel spreadsheet.
    I have formulas in the sheet, ie; =A1+B1 (in C1).If I direct enter (keyboard) the values I find into the cells A1 and B1 then they calculate into C1 properly but if I “copy and paste” from the web page into the cells, C1 will not automaticly fill in. I can manually ‘Ctrl+D’ and it will fill in. As I paste into A1, that value shows up in C1 but when I paste into B1 then C1 goes blank. A small problem as one extra key stroke will cause it to fill in but as I do this all day long it would be nice if I can find the cure. Any thoughts

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      by dklippert ·

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      Have you tried Edit Paste Special?
      You might have noticed that Ctrl+D only copies down the entry above the Active cell.

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        Reply To: Pasting into Excel

        by dklippert ·

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        The problem is the formula in C1 is not extended to the next rows.
        Go to Tools>Options Edit and make sure that there is a check in “Extend list formats and formulas”
        The trouble with this function is that the formats/formulas must exist in “at least 3 of the five last rows preceding the new row”. In other words, at about row 5 or 6 it will cut in.
        The other way would be to prefill with a formula such as:
        And copy it down the column at least 5 rows.

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