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By entawanabi ·
In mainframe a patch is a wire with aligater clamps that Jump to or around something while it is being repaired, here a patch is the repair; andit seems it is a temperary one that is not supposed to have to be replaced.

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Um no

by JamesRL In reply to PATCH

I have been around computing since university in 1980, and I have never heard of using alligator clips - perhaps thats a 1950s thing.

A patch in software terms is a fix between major releases. It is assumed that if you don't apply the patch, you will get it anyway if you do the next major upgrade of software. Service Packs (at least in Microsoft usage) are groups of patches.

Patches are permanent, though I think many of us have seen patches cause more problems than they solve - the solution there is to back out or rollback to the previous version.


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Just a thought

by BFilmFan In reply to Um no

In reading his questions and replies, I've been struck by the similarity to free-form word association common with Scopomine overdoses...

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How dare you

by JamesRL In reply to Just a thought

I will have to contact Max and have him read you the riot act!

My larger concern is not his questions, but some of the answers this person gives in the Tech Q&A section.


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by entawanabi In reply to How dare you

Please Expound.

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by Dr Dij In reply to How dare you

one of them suggested increasing the amperage?

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by Dr Dij In reply to Just a thought

he's using some automatic translating software that is garbling some of it?

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by entawanabi In reply to Maybe

Since we of earth have been frugal and it is a public Library they were thrifty and these OLD keyboards are still good; newest one so far is from 1958 and its the librians.

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some of it maybe

by faradhi In reply to Maybe

however, not this bad. I am not sure what exactly is the issue. However, most of what he/she is saying is incomprehensible. What I can make out is just wildly inaccurate.

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by entawanabi In reply to Just a thought

As to your personal problems, your marriage, sexual liason with Dmambo's wife and and now your personal experience with drugs; I don't care to hear it, and today the keyboards manufacturing date is Jan. 6, 1908 and of course it was made on earth here!

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by entawanabi In reply to Um no

Whether it is 50's or not that is what my textbooks described and I've seen as far as the aligater clamp is concerned. My understanding of what you do between releases is different and, while not out of my field it is something that I concern about but am not trainned in as all I have to do is be somewhat familiar with it; My main point is that which I make over in the Projects That operation in that screen is a mainframe and you all are doing mainframe things to it not computer things to it, also I am willing to do the thing you don't know is there to do CHECH THAT ITS SUPPORTED BY SOMETHING!

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