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Patch vs crossover cable

By Jim Brubaker ·
I've been migrating data from old machines to new Dells using a crossover cable in the past with no problems.

A couple of months ago, we were told to use the patch cables that were supplyed with the new Dell computers that we were installing. The data transfered AOK

My question is: Why does it work?

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Well, maybe

by toms45 In reply to Patch vs crossover cable

they're the same dang thing! A crossover cable is simply a null modem serial or parallel cable. In other words, transmit on one end is tied to receive on the other end and vice versa. The two computers think they're talking to a modem or some other comm device. Call it a "patch" cable, crossover, null modem, they all work the same way.

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My guess.

by tbragsda In reply to Patch vs crossover cable

The crossover function is being preformed BY one of the LTs. I have not seen this in any NIC yet, but its possible.

Ever look at a hub, and see MDI/MDI-X, or somthing to that effect. That allows a straght through cable to act as a crossover between hubs. One of the connectors is (MDIs) is doing the work of switching.

Like I say, never seen it, but would be my best guess. What model Dells?

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