Patch windows without using update site?

By twoclones ·
I have 6 new computers being delivered soon. How can I apply all of the needed patches/updates for Win XP Pro and MS Office without connecting each and every computer to the Windows Update site?


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Windows Software Update Service or WSUS

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Patch windows without usi ...

But, that would require you to either setup an AD domain and create a GPO to point the workstations at the WSUS box, or manually change a few registry keys to do the same. Go to Microsoft's website and check out WSUS.

Basically, the SUS server would be the only server to pull updates from MS, and then would distribute the required updates down to the workstations after you have approved them through the SUS Web interface.

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How hard is this?

by twoclones In reply to Windows Software Update S ...

I'd really like to get WSUS set up on our network but at the moment it's running as peer to peer. To get it to use domains, is it as simple as running the Wizard to make the change? Or am I in for a struggle?

BTW, there are 2 Millenium and 1 Win 98 machines still in use on the network. Will that make a difference in changing away from peer to peer?


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SUS Server & Automatic Updates

by AshishS In reply to Patch windows without usi ...

You can also turn on Automatic Updates after installing a SUS server. Run gpedit.msc command and under:
Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update configure the settings there that suit your environement.

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Assume the new ones are XP ..put in SP SP2 and Office 2003 SP2 first

by CG IT In reply to Patch windows without usi ...


office 2003 SP2

I'd do cloning instead of slipstreaming if they are identical machines.

after that, then do Windows update as there are to many individual security patches for both office and XP. the effort to identify and download em all vs cloning... might as well clone.

If they are Windows Vista... Vista will do it on it's own during install. All you need is network drives and I'd let Vista and Windows Update do the patching.

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What about licenses?

by twoclones In reply to Assume the new ones are X ...

These are all XP Pro machines with Office 2003. My network is using Server 2003 Standard and DSL internet connection. I'm afraid that if I put these all on the network they'll bog down my DSL.

The cloning sounds like a good alternative but what about the licenses? We do not have a site license so I fear the MS verification would have a fit over 6 machines with the same license key.

I can hack the registry of each after cloning to change the license. Would this be the best approach or even necessary?


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no need to hack

by CG IT In reply to What about licenses?

if you have 5 new computers with operating systems [hopefully not OEM] you have 5 licenses. Media is media not a license.

since this is 6 systems it not like a rollout of 30 or 100 where you build an answer file with product licenses.

activation will ask for a new product key, just enter it. the big thing is that you have valid licenses for the 6 machines.

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Yes, OEM. Why?

by twoclones In reply to no need to hack

Yes. These are coming from Dell so the OS will be OEM. Does that make a difference?


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Slightly longer solution

by Langlier In reply to Patch windows without usi ...

but if they are not networked you can download each patch as an executable pop them on a disc and run them individually

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by Pringles86 In reply to Patch windows without usi ...

Just go to and burn it to a CD or copy it to a USB drive.

There is going to be a new version of it coming out soon which will also include Office updates.

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