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Patches for 2007 Changes to Daylight Saving Time?

By CharlieSpencer ·
The U.S. Congress just passed an energy bill that changes Daylight Saving Time in this country. Beginning in 2007, we will "spring forward" earlier in the year and "fall back" later.

Windows has a feature, enabled by default, to change the system time automatically based on the current DST laws. Is Microsoft planning a patch for this, hopefully one that can be pushed via existing patch management tools?

I'm assuming this will not be an problem for applications separate from the OS issue. What other operating systems will be affected? (Yes, I'm sure the open source community is already working on this. This isn't a comparison of operating systems; please stay on topic.)

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Other Programs

by dzabinski In reply to Patches for 2007 Changes ...

In a recent article of Chicago's Daily Herald the business section addressed this topic, and included a section on non Microsoft related utilities. Is your assumption a valid one in regarding this topic? I am concerned this would effect our Oracle ERP system, although my concern maybe unwarranted at this time. Thank you for starting this post, as I would like to stay a head of this issue.

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Hooray! More Outsourcing Work!

by JohnnySacks In reply to Other Programs

Percentage of work performed by US citizens: 10%, foreign nationals: 90%. The offshoring firms sucking the life out of our middle class must be celebrating. Another stroke of genius from the reverend George W. Moron! US energy policy's finest hour.

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It's Daylight SAVING Time

by Waldon In reply to Patches for 2007 Changes ...

No other comment.

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Big Problem ?

by wdeckert In reply to It's Daylight SAVING Time

Microsoft has already issued a patch for Windows XP (SP2) to correct that OS, but has yet to patch Windows 2000, MS Server 2000 or 2003. We use IBM Servers running Novell and each server needs a BIOS update and a manual change to an Autoexec file.

How about PDAs, alarm systems, phone systems, and our security VCRs which also have automatic DST adjustment systems. There are a lot of embedded systems that have DST automatic adjustments built in. Think hard guys, this could be a bigger project than you think.

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D. S. T. Party Time!

by bill In reply to Patches for 2007 Changes ...

In the time honored tradition of American Politics it is time for US Businesses to take the lead. It is time to have a party!
Just say NO to the time change and send the politicians, the DOE Secratary a big 'NO THANKS' for this poor legistative effort.
SEND THE COST OF THE CHANGE IN AN INVOICE TO THE SEC. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY. He is required to report the expense to the congress!

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Good luck with that

by CharlieSpencer In reply to D. S. T. Party Time!

I think it's poor legislation because it only lengthens the period we observe DST instead of putting us on DST year round.

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by DarrenS. In reply to Patches for 2007 Changes ...

Here's some links I've been following...the first one has links to quite a few platform's coverage on the topic.

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