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Patents; becuse without them, we'd have to actually produce something

By Neon Samurai ·
That's messed up.

Companies buying patents from each other to assemble them as weapon's caches.. it is insane that this is where we've ended up with the thoroughly exploited and broken patent system.

I could get behind them if they where non-transferable. The company that invented the thing could not sell the patent to another company. If the company went out of business, the patents would be disolved and the invention become openly available to anyone. If the company did not produce product using the patents, they would be disolved and the invention would become openly available for anyone.

Maybe have patents granted to the human inventor instead of an invented legal entity business. If the inventor went to a new company, the patents they owned went with them.

Stop granting patents for mathematics formula like software; limit patents to physical processes like originally intended.

A reduction in the life span of patents for inventions which have a very short lifespan; that would also help improve things.

But as it stands.. these companies pissing money into the mouths of lawyers instead of competing based on product qualities and actual invention/innovation is what we have.. and what we have is so very broken.

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