PATH to Vista registry

By SublimeDragon ·
Hi all, I recently aquired a vista machine from a friend but unfortunately he can't remember the password he set for the only account showing on the user login screen...
Unfortunately ctrl+alt+del doesn't work to bring up the alternate login screen...

I've tried running a program similar to active@ password recovery and it appears to work but I get stuck at the part where it asks for the PATH to the windows vista registry... the default PATH is [WINNT/system32/config], but this is the path to the WIN2K registy folder (I think ).

Anyways, does anyone know what the path is to the Vista registry folder is??

Next step: downgrade to XP :S

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you will get no help

by lowlands In reply to PATH to Vista registry

Trying to log in to a system you don't have the password to. No one here can verify if your request is for real or if you're trying to hack into someone else's PC.

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Vista is a major piece of s**t...

by SublimeDragon In reply to you will get no help

no worries, the system only has 512MB RAM and a 1.8G CPU!!!

Downgraded to XP Pro... had to spend 120 for the OS.. but it was worth it...

the request was legit... my buddy got this piece of crap from our local service provider as part of the package he got... after seeing how dreadfully slow it was, I got it for only $100 bucks!! Great study comp for my daughter. (after the downgrade of course)

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glad you found a solution

by lowlands In reply to Vista is a major piece of ...

even though it cost ya :)

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