pathping stopping on the second node

By Keldrics ·
I've been having pretty bad lag in Final fantasy xiv lately, a couple of fixes involve checking "pathping" on the command prompt, but when I do that on the second node it just shows me 3 * * * and stops. I've asked 2 of my friends to do the same, one of which lives right next to me with fibre from the same provider and same speed and it goes to like 14 nodes. We do have different routers Any advice?
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Re: ping

by kbtr1 Moderator In reply to pathping stopping on the ...

One of the basic features of internet is that the path from A to B can be different for different packets, even if they belong to the same message. So ping, tracert and pathping can very well give different results.

If this is reproducible, contact your ISP's tech service and complain.

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windows defender

by Keldrics In reply to Re: ping

As a last effort tried disabling the windows defender and now the pathping works like theirs. is there an exception/rule I can open?

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Kees noted why.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to pathping stopping on the ...

Pathping stops charting the moment it encounters a dead hop or one that ignores ICMP. So you try traceroute instead as well as alter your packets and security.

But let me turn to another issue with Final Fantasy (FF.)

My son plays it and had gruesome lag when entering a big room. It wasn't the Internet at all but caused by FF and FF being run from the hard disk drive. This is very hard on newbies why this matters. I will not hold class or explain in depth here. Sorry if that upsets some.

We cloned the HDD to a SSD and the difference was astounding.

IMO, the game authors of FF have to decide if that's worth fixing. My bet is they'll let those that don't know, live in darkness.

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not my pc

by Keldrics In reply to Kees noted why.

I've played the game since 2018, and only after switching from ADSL to fiber a week ago did I start to lag. It was probably after they upgraded my speed from 200 to 500mb a couple of days after the install and now the router they game me for 200mb isnt configured right or is just busted.
And I have the game on nvme storage.
I've looked at so many different solutions at this point, my guess is just a bad router, since I didn't lag with worse internet.

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I'll ask my son later

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to not my pc

About performance changes this past week. Sometimes that does happen.

Since we have little information about the network and I didn't have the detail about your PC that's why I took a (bad) guess about the HDD issue with FF.

Tell more about your network and if you see the same FF speed problem when wired and no one else using your Internet.

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UPDATE: Talked with my son and yes.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to not my pc

He says FFIV did degrade in performance over the past month.

Mostly he says the issues are in the big boss battles with some hundred players in the area. His PC is not low end with the usual i7-8700, 32GB RAM, GTX 1070 to a 1080p monitor. It's boot drive is the usual M.2 with the second drive being SSD (the HDD was found to be a drag on performance!)

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