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Pavarotti is Dead...

By dawgit ·
I'm in morning. Why? I can't answer that, but here I will try. I didn't know him personally, so I can't count him as a 'friend'. I'm not particularly an Opera fan. I'm not Italian. So why?
Well... Good is Good, and he was a master at his trade. It was natural for him and it showed. He did not however, let it go to his head. He did enjoy his particular talent, but never lost his humility because of it. Yes, He was a big man, in many ways, but he never forgot where he came from. There was nothing phoney, no tricks, no media tweeking, no hype. He was just himself, as he felt God had made him to be. And he was a master.
There are more, of course, far more than we give credit. And certainly not only in Opera. Carlos Santana is one such master, as is B.B. King, and many more. In the fields of Science, or Technics, or Computers, or Software, or IT in general, there are far too many to even start to list. To try now to impose any limits on any possible roster of Greatness would be foolish, and only invite a flame war over who is or who isn't. That would detract from what I'm trying to say here. Besides, those people know who they are, and I can only hope they feel they are appreciated for it.
So what is that I am saying? It is... Excellence, pure craftsmanship to an art form is to be appreciated. And it is by me. Pavarotti will be missed, at least by me.
The World is just a little less today. IMHO. -d

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