Pavillion zv 5000 password reset

By bencaston ·
OK. After getting no help from hp besides send it in here is where i stand. I purchased a second hand laptop. And i need to know how to reset the power on password. There is not a battery and hp tells me there isnt a jumper to reset the problem either. Any idea's? i dont know of a boot disk that will reset the password if there is one please let me know. Or if anyone knows of a way to reset the power on pass please let me know.. I do can not get to the bios beacsue of the pass. and i dont know how to get to dos either. PLEASE HELP!!!

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"Send It In" is the ONLY answer there is . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Pavillion zv 5000 passwor ...

That or since you purchased it - go back to the seller and demand either that you get the password OR get a full refund due to, under global sales law, the goods are 'Not Fit For Purpose' since you can't start it.

In recent years, due to increases in laptop theft, passwords are not held in CMOS chips, so removing a battery or using a jumper switch are no longer possibilities.

Your only option is to take it into an HP technician along with your Sales Receipt as proof of ownership.

Sorry, but that is how the modern laptop-cookie crumbles.

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Agreed, IF it was legally purchased

by jdclyde In reply to "Send It In" is the [b]ON ...

then you simply go back to whoever it was you legally purchased it from. Solution found. Why would ANYONE buy something and not assume the SELLER is responsible?

The ONLY time that won't resolve the issue is if the laptop was NOT legally purchased. If that is the case, shame on you and you deserve exactly what you are getting.

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Wish I had a better idea

by Tig2 In reply to Pavillion zv 5000 passwor ...

Since you have called the manufacturer and they were unable to help you, the next best thing would be to try a local repair.

I hear you say that you can't find a jumper reset and the CMOS bat is either not present or hidden.

I don't know of software that will fix a power on issue. You have to get past BIOS for any software fix to work.

Your manufacturer is generally the first place to call, but I hear you say that you have tried that.

Try the person you purchased the machine from. They likely know the pass.

Good Luck

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