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By hugh_vagn ·
I recently transferred from 1 department to another within the same company. (cust rep to IT). I have an associate technical degree.
My situtation is this: I took the IT/Software support job. However, the company would not pay me the full salary (company policy- "work your way up") but the superivisor said she would try to work out my pay scale. First she said if the salary didn't get approve, I would get a 10% on a quarterly basis. The time is has expired but didn't see any changes in my wages. I understand that when you interviewed for a new position any salary/wages should be in writing, but within the same company..... And also is it a common practice to promote someone inside and give them low pay scale and work their way up? I've seen some people got promoted with $$$ for that position's worth.

My problem is two fold: 1) How should I approach my supervisor? 2) Should I start looking for a new job? I need the experience at least 1-2 years.

Can someone advise me in my dilemma. I appreciate.


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by ohiois In reply to Pay increase

Some companies have set pay scales per position. If you accepted the job on a progressive scale, I'm not sure you have much of a deffense. However, if you have continued to further your knowledge of the job via more education, certifications, etc., you can approach your supervisor with how you should be considered for a raise based on your increased knowledge. The same argument could be made if you have taken on more responsibility.

In any case, it sounds like this company has a very set policy on how and when raises are granted. You may have a hard time. As far as looking for another job, I always say to keep your eyes open. But remember, if you are seen as a job hopper your interviews may not go very well.

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