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Payday anyone?

By jkaras ·
Ok folks, I'm sure you all remember the Walmart trampling story and say how bad has humanity fallen. After reading her past in the paper that same question hits you square in the face with I'm absolutely speechless...,0,7145810.story?coll=orl-home-headlines

ORANGE CITY -- The woman who witnesses and paramedics said was trampled during a post-Thanksgiving sale at a Wal-Mart Supercenter has made several past injury claims against the retail giant and others.

Patricia VanLester, 41, was flown to Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach after the Nov. 28 incident in which she was knocked to the ground while trying to purchase a discounted DVD player during the store's pre-dawn "blitz" sale. She was released from the hospital late Monday, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Paramedics said witnesses told them that when VanLester was knocked to the ground, she hit her head and started convulsing. When Orange City and EVAC Ambulance paramedics got to the store, they found VanLester lying on her left side on top of the DVD player, surrounded by shoppers who were seemingly oblivious to the unconscious woman.

Wal-Mart representatives said Thursday that VanLester, a former employee, has filed nine workers' compensation complaints against the company and that her sister, Linda Ellzey, who witnessed last week's incident and compared the frenzied shoppers to a herd of elephants, has filed another injury complaint for which VanLester served as a witness.

"We care about any customer who is injured in our store," Wal-Mart spokesman Dan Fogleman said. "We will investigate this claim just as we have the other 10 claims that this customer and her sister have brought against our stores in the past."

Wal-Mart would not offer details on the past claims. "We have paid thousands of dollars on some of her past claims, both medical and directly to this customer," spokeswoman Karen Burk said.

Burk said Wal-Mart officials were reviewing videotapes of last week's incident.

VanLester has neither filed a lawsuit against Wal-Mart nor decided whether to do so, her lawyer, David L. Sweat, told WKMG-Channel 6, which aired a report detailing the claims Thursday night. Sweat did not return an after-hours telephone message Thursday.

Patricia VanLester's mother, Barbara Rastellini, said Thursday that her daughter would not be commenting.

"That was nothing but a scandal they are trying to put out there," Rastellini said of Channel 6's report of VanLester's previous injury claims. She said all of her daughter's past complaints were legitimate.

Public records show:

In 1978, at age 17, VanLester was paid $117 in workers' compensation after she said she was struck by a falling object and suffered a sprained knee while working at a manufacturing plant in DeLand.

In 1982, she was paid another $294 while working at the same manufacturing plant in DeLand after she said she slipped and suffered a contusion to her wrist.

In 1984, she was paid $356 in workers' compensation after she said she sprained her lower back working at a restaurant in Winter Haven.

In 1995, she was paid $1,210 in workers' compensation after she said she fell on liquid or grease and strained "multiple body parts" while working in the meat department at a Publix Super Market in Eustis.

In 1996, she was paid $622 after she said she fell or slipped and strained "multiple lower extremities" while working at the layaway desk at a Wal-Mart in Mount Dora.

In 1997, she claimed she strained her lower back while lifting as a sales clerk at a Wal-Mart in Orange City.

Jason Stickels, an Orange City police officer who responded to the scene, said he learned of VanLester's numerous claims Wednesday night. Stickels said he plans to talk to his supervisor when he goes back on duty Monday about taking a closer look at the case.

"If there were a couple of times she'd sued someone, then that's one thing, but 16 times is a different story," he said.

Mark O'Keefe, a spokesman for EVAC Ambulance in Volusia County, said experienced paramedics from EVAC, the Orange City Fire Department and the Volusia County Sheriffs Office treated VanLester after the incident.

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Dude.. just link it...

by road-dog In reply to Payday anyone?

This broad is looking for "go away" money.

She should be sued by wal-mart for fraud, and have a lifetime restraining order allowing her to be arrested for trespassing upon entry on any wal-mart property.

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WalMart's a useless company anyway

by Oz_Media In reply to Payday anyone?

Anyone who shops at WalMart either has NO idea that they don't really have the lowest prices (in Canada they don't anyhow) and how they abuse thier buying power and exploit third country workers.

I have no patience for a big cheap store that sells junk. It is the trailer trash of discount stores. THey loook all rosy and clean and emply SO many American's that they are seen as a GOD in the industry.

In Canada, they get petitioned against, they have protesters outsides the stoers on a regular basis and on a whole they simply suck and we don't want to but second rate garbage from them.

The WalMart that was trying to open in New Westminster was denied a business licence after the city provided a large document outlining all of the suppliers and manufacturers it exploits to get lower prices.
They managed to open just outside of New West but I've only ever seen twenty cars in the parking lot, with no public transport near the location it must be mainly employee cars and no customers.

Personally I'd love to see these stores fail at capitalizing on Canadian pockets and simply move back home where they are accepted.

There is ONE store that does really well and is the talk of Surrey. Surrey is a local railer trash suburb of Vancouver. Fat chicks wearing spandex while lugging four kids around while their boyfriend is at his girlfriends house.

A little, make that a LOT, off topic. I just hate seeing such a crappy business succeed by catering the naive and unaware. They are really seen as America's saviour. Another reason why they aren't too popular in Canada.

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Easy Money - She can make a living suing everyone and anyone

by JimHM In reply to Payday anyone?

If it would cost the company say - %80,000 to defend the case - and $20,000 to settle it ... guess what they are going to do - Settle. Well this lady may end that little cost dance companies do.

She's in it for the money - if they could prove fraud - by her and her sister - that would be great... she isn't looking for much ... because she knows where the cut off point is.... how much is it worth if thy lose virsus how much will it cost to fight...

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Walfart's latest move

by Oz_Media In reply to Payday anyone?

In Canada Wal Mart has offered to suport several elementary and high schools. IF THEY CHANGE THE SCHOOL'S name to WalMart Elementary, WalMart secondary etc.

Can you imaging trying to seek emploment with a grade 12 certificate from WalMart High School??
Who the **** will take that seriously?

Canada's Educational system has very strong rules about NOT lettnig corporations or commercial outlets having schools named after them as a result of investment.

If your company wants to be all community friendly and helpful to the children, your money is greatly appreciated, they may even name the new gym or auditorium after you, bt to BUY in to the schools name is completely absurd.

Is this just another poor example of capitalism gone bad? Just the thought is disgusting to me.

What's next 7-11 Senior Secondary? Cosco High?

Money donated by these huge corporations is always welcomed when it comes to supporting our children and providing them with the best education and facilities available. It is a great tax write off for the company and a benefit for everyone in the school. Thank you for your generosity, just don't expect people to rename schools so you have permanent promo along with it.

I would pull my kids from WalMart high just in case they thought it was a career to persue, WalMart educated me so I'm gonna start on the WalMart career path and be a greeter. No thanks, I expect more from my family. They can take WalMart back where it came from and let it capitalize somewhere else, at least until they start to show a decent example of how a business is run.

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