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PB Easynote silver

By richard_barsby ·
Hi does anyone know of the fix for these units where they keep rebooting. this happens in dos in windows and while in the bios.

It can happen before post has finished or last upto 3 or 4 hours.

Please I am an electronics repair tech this is a hardware fault this happens with everything disconnected as well on external screen says missing os as you would expect with just a mobo and a bench psu connected for supply.

It is as if a reset has been issued.



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by dmiles In reply to PB Easynote silver

Diagnosis: This is, unfortunately, one of the most difficult of all problems to troubleshoot on the PC. The reason is twofold: first, these problems are usually intermittent, and therefore hard to pin down to any particular cause, and second, there is a really large variety of problems that can cause this sort of behavior. It is necessary to narrow done the specific circumstances in order to have a better chance at finding the problem. See below for possible causes, which are listed with the recommendations to possibly solve them.

Recommendation: Follow the questions and suggestions below to try to identify the cause of the problem:

Did you remember to scan the system for viruses? Lockups and instability are "classic" virus infection behavior.
Make sure that you disable all power management options in the BIOS setup program. They can cause spurious behavior, particularly on some motherboards.
Are you getting error messages when the problem occurs? If so, try to find the error message here.

Second, you may have a resource conflict that is causing the system to lock up when you try to have two devices access the same resources. Finally, there may be a driver problem with the device, if it is something that uses a driver in the operating system you are using. Look in this section for specific troubleshooting information for various devices. Use the resource conflict troubleshooter.
If the problem occurs only when the system is warmed up (meaning not within the first few minutes that the PC is turned on, but only afterwards), or if the problem occurs only when the room where the PC is located is hot, it is likely that the problem is hardware-related and probably something to do with the motherboard, processor or another system component that is running too hot. I would suggest that you refer to this section, which describes checking for overheating components inside the box, and follow the recommendations there.

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by richard_barsby In reply to

Hi I am surprised at your answer I have seen your posts and you have knowledge.

Tell how the virus is getting on machine there is no cd, no hdd, no floppy just a mother board and this is a laptop.

The hardware is as minimum you can get just about with a laptop mobo.

The drivers can't load as there is nothing to load from this is a bare mobo with a new cpu and heatsink and nothing else.

This is a common fault with this Mitac mobo and somebody must know which cap or chip causes this.

This is the same type of fault that Sony Vaio PCG-F series with PII chips suffered with and that was to replaced the caps around the CPU which I have already done on this unit.


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by richard_barsby In reply to PB Easynote silver

This is only intermitant in the time it takes to happen. Temperature does not affect it you can flex the board any way you like you can not induce it or stop it. It never freezes it just restarts as if you had pressed the reset button but it does not have one on this mobo.

This is an 800 celeron and a new mobo is ?475.

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