PB (NEC) Versa E400 Laptop won't boot (Win XP home)

By benoli ·
Hi all, I have a friends laptop, it just will not start up no matter what I have tried. It seems to start into the bios then stops, I have tried to reset it with the reset button, taken out the battery & tried pressing the start button without the power on. I have tried using a Win XP SP2 OS disk, it starts to run then just stops. The HDD light flickers on, then off, momentarily when I have pressed the on button. I just can not get into the bios to do anything with removing it to reload it. The screen does not light up, I have tried an additional monitor to no avail. The power supply lights & battery charging lights, light up, also the fan runs.
Any ideas to get this running again please.

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by oldbaritone In reply to PB (NEC) Versa E400 Lapto ...

My first guess would be the HDD. Have you tried removing it from the system and then booting from the CD? Sometimes BIOS stalls when it tries to access a defective HDD, and that can take 15-20 minutes or more to fail. Sometimes it just keeps trying.

Removing the drive would cause a hard fail on the HDD immediately, and you should get a BIOS/POST error about the failed HDD on-screen. That would help isolate whether it's a motherboard problem or HDD problem.

You haven't re-flashed the BIOS recently, I hope. Another thing that could cause those symptoms is defective BIOS. If you did, the laptop may be "bricked." Flashing the wrong BIOS or failing during the flash process can be disastrous.

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Hard drive

by benoli In reply to Hmmm...

Hi Thanks for your suggestions, I took the HDD out & tried it & no bleeps or any flicker on the screen. So I guess that it is the HDD or graphics card goosed either way I do not think it is worth spending any more time trying to fixit. The laptop is 7/8 years old. Thank you for your help.

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