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Dear Members:

Can I write a PBX software for a machine? Which software languages can I use to do so? Does it require assembly language or any higher level language?

I want to get this information for my school project. I'm required to submit the proposal very soon.



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PBX software

by Toivo Talikka In reply to PBX

Here is an article about PBX:

Your question is not specific about where that software is supposed to run. Software applications running in a PBX itself are presumably written in low level languages like Assembler or C.

If you are required to think of a way to run a program in a PC which connects to a PBX to provide reports for Call Accounting, you need to think of a modular approach. First of all, your application needs to capture the call information forwarded by the PBX on either a serial (RS-232) or network interface (TCP/IP). Secondly, the information needs to be reformatted so that it can be written to a file or database of some sort. Thirdly, a user interface is required which picks one of the available reports from a menu. And finally, a reporting language selects the relevant records or rows from the stored call information, sorts them and presents the report on the screen, prints it or writes the report into a file.

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