PC anywhere 10.5 connection issues

By choy.waigiat ·
I dial up to PC anywhere 10.5 to connect to my remote computers. It get connected successfully but before it can display the screen of the remote computer, the line got disconnected. I have tried changing the modem but the same problem happen.

What is the issue with this?

thanks and regards,

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Sounds like the settings on the remote machine

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to PC anywhere 10.5 connecti ...

Or the most obvious thing is that the user at the other end is clicking on the refuse instead of accept and is breaking the connection.

As for the settings on the remote machine if it's an XP box some of the most recent Critical Updates may have broken the Remote Access program as 10.5 is hardly new anymore is it?


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PC anywhere

by choy.waigiat In reply to Sounds like the settings ...

It has been working fine all along til we shifted our office to a new location. Could it be the wiring of the telephone line is not properly done?

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That certainly could be part of the problem

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to PC anywhere

Can you maintain a Modem connection for an in defiant time without using PC Anywhere? If you can not I would start to look at the phone wiring as a first option.

I've seen some really nasty things done in place that new business have moved into or an existing business has expanded into. In one place they had a bank of 5 2 socket phone lines and one had an ADSL connection plugged in. They where advised to take out the working ADSL and try that modem on the one that wasn't working and when that didn't work they returned the working one to the original location and it no longer worked. Only took half a day to find out that the line that the filter was plugged into was not the line that the ADSL connection was on.

As none where marked and I didn't pull the DSL Modem I was the one who got the job of fixing it.


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Problem solve

by choy.waigiat In reply to That certainly could be p ...

A engineer from the telco came and connected a ADSL filter onto the telephone line. It works now.

thanks for all your replies.

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