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Pc Anywhere 9.2 ctrl-alt-del problems

By abe_mail ·
TO the whole team out there IM currently running 2 NT4.0 servers and was installing PC anywhere 9.2 on both of them for remote access, and here comes the problem. One machine works perfectly fine with no troble hosting calls or doing remote access but the other box can be used for remote access but cannot accept incoming transmissions. When I first installed it the ctrl-alt-del button from a remote locatuon would not send a request to the host, but if I left the server unlocked I could get ina navigate but then as soon as you locked it back down you could not get back in.

I had to end up unistalling it and running VNC but it is to slow for what I need to be doing so if anybody has any ideas that would be great... I did stop RAS likesymanctec said but that still didn't help it.

Thanks for your time.

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Pc Anywhere 9.2 ctrl-alt-del problems

by Pan 13 x In reply to Pc Anywhere 9.2 ctrl-alt- ...

See this link and the other link on this page regaurding the video driver.,Ctrl,Alt,Del,NT,ATI

To operate correctly, pcAnywhere must hook the video driver. If it is not able to do this, pcAnywhere puts itself into fault tolerant mode to avoid crashing the system.

To check whether pcAnywhere's fault tolerant booting has been activated, see whether this registry key exists:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSetServices\AW_HOST\VideoDriverDisabled=01 00 00 00 (binary value)

If this key exists, then pcAnywhere is in fault tolerant boot mode. In this mode, pcAnywhere does not load as a service. Consequently, encryption, file transfer, and Ctrl+Alt+Del do not work. Do the following to take pcAnywhere out of fault tolerant mode:

1. Uninstall pcAnywhere. (pcANYWHERE32 8.0 should be uninstalled using its uninstall utility Remove pcANYWHERE. Uninstall pcAnywhere 9.0 from the Add/Remove Programs option in the Windows Control Panel.)
2. Update the video driver for your video card. If updating the video driver does not work, then the standard VGA driver should work.
3.Reinstall pcAnywhere.

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