PC behind router not added to LAN

By fettesman ·
I am unsure how to get a pc behind a router to show up on my LAN.
I have (for various reasons) 10 static ip's
adsl modem --> 20 port switch
from this switch I have 5 pc's connected directly and two 4 port routers which each have 2 pc's behind them.
the routers use dhcp however the pc's behind have reserved addresses.
I am able to connect via remote desktop having opened a port in the router.
All the pc's are configured to join the same workgroup and the 5 direct connect pc's all show up in the workgroup computers
i can ping the 5 pc's from a pc behind the router

a badly drawn example of part of setup


so top two are showing in workgroup but how do I get bottom two to join?

I hope I have given enough information
I presume I am missing something simple!

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Network issue

by IC-IT In reply to PC behind router not adde ...

The last two are on a seperate network. You either need to configure them as part of the same network or bridge the network segments from the router.

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bridging not possible

by fettesman In reply to Network issue

i have looked up bridging and msoft say

You must select at least two eligible network connections in order for Bridge Connections to create a bridge.

the subnets are behind the router and have only one network connection.
I think I have discovered that I would need to go down the domain route to achieve objectives as workgroups not supported across different networks

(I may of course have misunderstood about bridging)
Thanks for your help

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