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    PC Boot


    by bobbajyothi ·

    My PC(Win XP Professional) was hanging frequently. So in the process to Format the PC, firstly i uninstalled the Service Pack2. After the successful uninstallation, PC begin to reboot. Start Windows Normally, Safe Mode, Safe Mode with…, Best Setting from the Previous configuration etc options are displayed. None of these options let me log into the machine.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      Will it allow you to boot in [b]Safe Mode[/b] without Networking?

      If so allow it to start this way and then reboot the system it should then restart normally. But if you’re intention was to reload the system just uninstalling SP2 will not cure any problems that XP had it’s far more likely to make them worse. What you need to do here is to wipe the HDD and then perform a Clean Install from the Windows XP CD and don’t chose the [b]Quick Format[/b] Option. While it’s much slower allow the HDD to be formated normally but it’s really important to zero it before you start as the Format option only writes to every third Sector so if there as an infection it can return.

      If you haven’t backed up all your data remove the HDD fit it to a USB Case and save your data to another computer you may need to save the encryption key if the data is encrypted so follow the directions here

      and you may need to Take Ownership of the Files so follow these directions

      Once you have the data saved you can use a utility to wipe the drive these are normally available from HDD makers Web Sites. If you don’t already have a copy there is Boot & Nuke available from here


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      by gary56789 ·

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      Since your PC was “hanging frequently”, you either have a hardware problem or spyware on the system.

      Definitely, as answer 1 encourages, save needed data to another system and do a complete reformat/reinstall.

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