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PC boot problem

By tommothomson ·
Dell Dimension 4700. Powers up, green light on mainboard, CPU fan runs, moniotor displays the graphic card details on the moniotr in the top left hand corner. No beeps at and it just sits there.

Swapped PCI express card for PCI graphics card. Same outcome.
Removed and swapped ram around. No difference.
Taken out all other add on cards.
Tried different hard drive.
Changed mainboard battery.

Diagnostic lights are all green expect for the 4th one which is amber.Manual says it is is trying to boot from a faulty or non existant boot device.

However I cannot even get into the bios.

Any advice please.

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Is there an integrated graphics chipset?

by seanferd In reply to PC boot problem

Try without the graphics cards, RAM, and any other expansion cards.
Disconnect also the drive(s) and see what happens.

Why can you not get into BIOS? Normal key(s) don't work? Maybe keyboard is bad?

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by tommothomson In reply to PC boot problem

seanferd. Thanks for the contribution.

Yes there is intergrated graphics, when I connect the monitor to it the monitor will not work.

I will try it without any ram in though.

All that happens when I switch the pc on is there fans on the minboard run, a green light comes on on the motherboard and the monitor light turns green and at the top left hand of the screen writing appears telling me the graphics card is a x300 128 MB and the bios version, then nothing, it simply stays like that. I can hear the nard drive spin up and down but nothing.

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by tommothomson In reply to PC boot problem

Tried it without RAM in, threw a fit. Cannot get into the bios.

Would I be correct to suspect the Mainboard?

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