PC boots up, gets to Windows splash screen and powers off

By matthew1973 ·
I have an older pc that was built by a local pc shop (now only handle commercial client), that originally showed symptoms of a faulty PSU. I replaced the original 300W PSU with a 350W PSU and it atleast boots to the WIN XP splash screen and would then power off suddenly. I wiped the drive to reinstall XP and now it gets half way through the install and powers off suddenly. Looking at the temp in the settings, I had it powered on for over an hour and the CPU temp never went above 110F. I have also noticed that the display while installing WIN XP gets weird characters scattered across the screen as if it is not refreshing correctly (my guess is the old 64MB N Vidia card is going out).

If anyone has any ideas I am more than welcome to entertain them as I have reseated everything on the MB, swapped out the PSU for a larger one, dusted the inside of the case like no bodies business and you could eat off of it. The only thing I can think of is possibly the CPU is going bad, which would be pointless to replace when you can just buy a new PC for next to nothing anymore.

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Well, the MOBO controls the power

by robo_dev In reply to PC boots up, gets to Wind ...

That sorta sounds like a faulty component or cracked solder connection on the MOBO causes the power to shut off under load. If you were digging into it at the component level, probably a faulty cap or diode.

The weird characters sound like somehow stray voltage is going onto the PCI bus.

I would bet that a different video card would display the same symptoms.

I'm guessing that when the old power supply died, it took out a component or two on the MOBO.

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Is it even worth fixing?

by matthew1973 In reply to Well, the MOBO controls t ...

If there is a faulty component on the MOBO, trying to troubleshoot it to replace the component sounds extremely time consuming. With the low price of PCs now, is it even worth replacing the MOBO or just getting a new PC for around $500 bucks?

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by IC-IT In reply to Is it even worth fixing?

Check the manufacturer and model of the motherboard, then Google replacement costs.

You can either visually check or when/if the bios numbers flash (at boot up) hit the Pause key to freeze the screen. Write down the string and Google it (or go to one of the two links below).
Sometimes that info is also available in the BIOS.
Example: 2A5LEF09C-00



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Have you considered running any Diagnostic Tests

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PC boots up, gets to Wind ...

On the Hardware? you can download the Ultimate Boot CD from here and test all of your Hardware but start with the HDD, CPU and RAM as the important ones and then throw in Display Tests


When you know what is happening here you can then decide what needs doing and if it is worth the cost of replacement parts.


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