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    PC-BSD 1.2 (Icy Steel)


    by xstep ·

    Hi T.R. users,

    Ya know I never really write a full review on an Open source OS or application. I end up just giving my opinion and a blerp. I’ll try a little better with this but keep in mind, I am looking for easy, user friendly, and most of all hardware support as well as common features users are used to.

    One of the first OS’s I installed (other than windows) was Free BSD. This was a few years ago, I think it was 2. something. I bought the Book (very BIG book!) that came with a CD. I spent hours on IRC asking for help and getting someone to help you wasn’t easy. I learned a lot about how an Operating system works.

    PC-BSD is a Desktop, Free BSD 6 base with KDE. The install was very easy and after a few steps, the installer did the rest. I rebooted and was first presented with a bootloader. Then it generated a DSA key. Next a nice PC-BSD splash screen and then it loads the KDE desktop.

    It found all the hardware on this old 667 celeron with 64meg’s of ram. However, I didn’t see my Netgear wifi card lite up? I went to the pc-bsd wiki and found a howto on getting an Anthros chip based wifi working. I had to run a two word command as root and the lite came on! Next I right clicked a globe Icon on the task bar and in short connected to my linksys wifi router.

    Installing packages is as easy as windows. PC-BSD uses pbi’s. Just download what you want, open the directory where you saved them, dubble click the pbi file icon and the installer does the rest. That simple.

    Nice packages too. Opera, Limewire, Flash, Sun Java jre, and tons more.

    Very easy, very clean and secure, and Very FAST!!

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