PC Burn-In testing - no interaction needed. Possible?

By Bostonjunk ·
I work for a young company supplying epos equipment in the UK.

We're looking to improve our processes for testing terminals before they're shipped out to clients, and I'm looking for a way to do it with minimal user interaction.

What I really want is a bootable USB dongle that will run a series of tests on CPU, GPU, SSD, RAM, Ethernet, USB and RS232 ports.

The only software I can find is Burn-In Test from Passmark. Their software can be bootable and will run all tests automatically, plus I can get RS232 and USB lookback plugs from them to test ports too.
This software has the added advantage of being able to create certificates too, showing test details - which is lovely.

Thing is, is this the only software on the market that can do this?
I've searched high and low and everything is either designed for 3D graphics/multimedia or designed to test one component only.

Hirens or Ultimate Boot disc contain all the tools, but their all separate programs. Getting them to run in order and unsupervised would require so much ball-ache it's not worth it.

I'm putting forward a proposal to my boss for the solution involving the Passmark software but if anyone knows something I've missed, let me know, please!

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by Bostonjunk In reply to PC Burn-In testing - no i ...

I can't be the only one whose ever needed to do this. Surely?

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Well I can not really suggest anything except for

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to PC Burn-In testing - no i ...

What do the banks in your country have on their Safe Software Lists?

Here any device that connects to any way into a banks system is responsible for any security breaches that they introduce and the company who supplies them is Financially Responsible for the breach. That is most times measured int he Billions of $ and now particularly after the breaches of Infected ATM's in Europe is something I would be very wary of. It's also something that no software company I have ever dealt with will find acceptable and they will want to withdraw from the process faster than anything I have ever seen happen.

We had to study those Infections and supposedly stop them from happening here and in every case that I have seen it was sloppy to no security being Implemented that allowed them to start. Even the Bean Counters have had to admit that Cheapest isn't always best and in many cases far worse than nothing at all.

But then again because I work in Security maybe I have a different prospective though I have yet to get any Accountant to sign off on one of their suggestions and take responsibility for the decisions that they want to implement.


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Wrong discussion

by Bostonjunk In reply to Well I can not really sug ...

Got me all excited - I thought someone had an answer.

This question has been ignored wherever I've asked it.

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