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    PC Can Browse Intranet NOT Internet


    by fighting monk ·

    I’ve worked on a couple of PCs which are able to connect to our Universities network (as well as browse it normally) but have been unable to connect to the internet.

    Here is what I’ve done-

    re-installed network cards and swapped in known functional cards

    re-installed internet explorer (our browser of choice) and installed netscape

    used both hardware and software checkers to make sure the system buses and controllers, as well as the OS are operating correctly.

    One machine is a reasonable new HP laptop running ME, the other an older desktop running W95. It seems like their is some obvious software problem/switch that I am simply missing . . . any suggestions!?!

    By the way, our network uses TCP/IP for it’s communication protocal (it’s a W2000 network).

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      default gateway

      by klingon ·

      In reply to PC Can Browse Intranet NOT Internet

      Are you sure you’ve entered the correct ip address for your default gateway? If using dhcp, make sure the dhcp server has the proper address as well.


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        + You can check it by using

        by radiic ·

        In reply to default gateway

        if you go to the start button,run type in winipcfg and hit enter. A box will appear with your ip info. It will tell you what your default gateway ip is. Yours might be blank or have the wrong ip. If blank and your not using dhcp then you can go to your network properties and enter it and reboot. If there is a number there, try pinging it and see if you get a response.


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          Default gateway and DNS

          by er587 ·

          In reply to + You can check it by using

          1) Check your TCP/IP settings, start>run> winipcfg, make sure your default gateway is correct, if you are running DHCP, try manually adding your default gateway.
          2) Open the command prompt and run a tracert to, make sure you can resolve an IP. The tracert will give the necessary info to locate the last point at which you are leaving the network. Then you troubleshoot from there.

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