PC cannot boot up

By caicaiad ·
I switch on my PC, there is no activity from the PC. Power lights is not on, fan are spinning,hard disk activity light is always on, no display on the monitor, status light on the CD drive is always on. i need 2 restart many time then my pc will boot up .. may i know what the problem?

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Have you tried safe mode

by ComputerCookie In reply to PC cannot boot up

You haven't identified the PC, OS or any POST details, I'd try booting in safe mode and reload MB and/or Video drivers

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Could be the monitor.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to PC cannot boot up

If you're not seeing anything on the monitor, not even PC logo or post information, it could be that the monitor is beginning to go out since it is taking longer and longer to warm up to the point that you can "see" stuff on the screen.

You said there is no activity, but then turned around and said power light is on, fans are spinning, hard disk activity light is on and CD light is on. That IS activity. It may be taking a while, but it is activity. Be patient.

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Possibly the Power Supply

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PC cannot boot up

While it's difficult to diagnose remotely if the Power Supply is marginal or on the way out you will get those symptoms all the time.

Constantly needing to reboot to get the unit started is normally a Faulty Power Supply or Faulty M'Board. As the Power Supply is easy & cheap to change to fault find this would be the first option.

However if you suffer constant Brown Outs it's possible that the Power Supply has failed and destroyed the M'Board, CPU & RAM as well. In a case like that it's better to use a UPS to prevent damage to the computer and a good quality Power Supply that protects the Computer from fluctuations in the Mains Current.


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