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PC Can't Tuen-On Completely, Need Help

By raphael ·
My PC running WindowXP Pro, running normally yesterday, but after turn off for a while and suddently cannot turn on completely. The red LCD on the motherboard turns on, the CPU fan spinning, the harddisk light on the case turns on, the green light of the CD-RW keeps turn on, no beep at all, the power light on the case turns off, nothing happens, the monitor has power (the light is amber), but no screen (only black). I have try to take out the CMOS battery and reinstall it, can't help. I check all cards, they are all sit correctly, all cables are replaced and should be OK ! Still the same ! I try to put the Win XP disc to boot the system, the same happened ! When I discoonected the CD-RW from the PC, the harddisk red light not turn-on. I can't reset the PC with my Reset Button. Sometimes, I can turn-0ff the PC by pressing down the power button, but sometimes I can't, I have to unplug the power cord. If I only have the power cord pluged for the CD-RW, I can see the disc turn and the green light flashing, after I connected the cable to the CD-RW, the disc won't turn only the green light keeps on. If the disconnected the CD-RW from the PC, the harddisk red light won't turn on. I havn't add any hardware or card to my PC recently. Need help urgently !! Thanks !!

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by raphael In reply to PC Can't Tuen-On Complete ...

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by rindi1 In reply to PC Can't Tuen-On Complete ...

Remove everything that isn't completely essential (just grafic card, cpu and ram, one module installed, keyboard and mouse not connected). Turn on. What happens?

If still nothing, replace the memory module with another. Turn on again.

Still nothing? Remove the heatsink from the cpu. Check if the CPU is sitting correctly in its socket. Also inspect it visually (clean it with some tissue), maybe you can see something unusual, like a funny coloring or a crack, which would indicate the CPU got too hot. If it looks OK. put a small amount of thermal compound on it and replace the Heat sink (clean any dust away from it). make sure it is seated firmly. Now what happens?

If there still isn't any reaction you can put the grafics card into another PC just to check if it funtions. You can otherwise try to start your PC with another Powersupply Unit.

If it still won't start you will either need another CPU or Mainboard. Before going out and buying a new CPU look up your motherboard on the internet and check exactly which version of CPU will work together with it.

If one of the above was succesfull, you can start adding your removed hardware one by one, until you have found the culprit.

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by raphael In reply to PC Can't Tuen-On Complete ...

Thanks for your advises ! i had removed all unnecessary items, only graphic card, cpu, ram, harddisk & CD writer. No mouse & keyboard. I had examined the cpu, seated firmly in the socket, the heatsink was cleaned and fixed firmly. The cpu seems OK. The Graphic Card is OK. Then I turn the computer on :-
The Power Light blinks, the Harddisk Light turns on, The CD Writer Light blinks. The CPU fan & Pwoer Unit fan turned on. I feel the HDD running, some mechanic sound from the CD Writer, Monitor nothing,one bit sound continously. Nothing happens ! By pressing the power button for about 5 sec., the cpu fan off, HDD light off, CD Writer light off, Power light still blinks. I have to disconnect the Power Cord to turn it off completely.

I try to disconnect the CD Writer then turn on again, cpu fan on, HDD light on, power light off, nothing happens. Will my CD Writer damaged ? Need advises ! Much thanks !

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by TxTopgun In reply to PC Can't Tuen-On Complete ...

Had any thunderstorms recently?

Based upon what you have said, I would venture to say you need a motherboard.

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