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    PC connected to Internet but failing to load pages

    by alexan2507 ·

    Have an issue with my PC where it’s 100% connected to the Internet, which is working just fine for my laptop and every other device in the house, but for some reason is failing to actually load pages. This issue has been happening for several months if not a year and normally just resolves itself after a few minutes, however today it’s now reached a point where I have to restart the PC entirely to get it to work again, and then after maybe 30 mins it fails again and needs restarting. Notes on the issue itself:

    -PC is still evidently connected to the Internet
    -Attempting to load Twitter will still load the basic layout of the page along with my profile pic in the box to post a tweet, but fails to load feeds
    -Other pages attempted to be opened via Firefox display “The connection has timed out” errors
    -Loading Steam still results in it checking successfully for updates, and loading the Steam News tab and however many there are (i.e: Steam – News (1 of 10), however each of the News segments just says “Error Code: -7 Unable to connect to server. Sever may be offline or you may not be connected to the Internet), as well as failing to load the friends list. Steam attempts to update games but in actuality just goes at 0 bytes/s.
    -Discord will drop calls and go into its start-up animation on-loop until problem resolves itself.

    I haven’t the faintest clue what actually is causing this issue. I’ve done a MalwareBytes scan and come up clean, and using the “troubleshoot problems” function on the network connection turns up no problems. If anyone has any ideas any help would be appreciated.

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