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PC cores

By wesley.chin ·
How many cores will be too many? Intel has said that its Nehalem CPU is on schedule. I have heard that writing programs for multiple cores is harder. When will the costs of such programming outweigh the benefits of multiple cores?

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Probably never.

by cmiller5400 In reply to PC cores

We will always need more processor power.

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You can't be too thin or have too many cores!

by Dr Dij In reply to PC cores

Boy you are an inquiring type!

I think that it will become ridiculous, however, & they will then switch to modular CPUs that can be stacked next to or on top of each other and will work in parallel.

Why should I slow down because one processor can't handle me uploading utube vids, having videoconf open, downloading a large file, browsing the web and my image albums all at same time plus other things.

Now I have to limit what I do as system becomes unstable.

Of course writing ONE package to use more CPUs will cost something, but if the OS would assign transparently and hand off jobs like load balancing on web sites does now, then no job would ever run slower than the available CPU it was assigned to, and that would not need ANY app rewrites for parallelism.

They would only rewrite specific hi-end apps such as video editing or cad to take advantage of multiple CPUs.

Oh,, we also had a thread on this that Justin started a while back..

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I agree, and you can then use them

by Dr Dij In reply to PC cores

to fry your breakfast on!

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