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PC Crashing

By JimKlallsoo ·

My PC crashes when i visit certain websites.

I can get it to be less tempramental and stop crashing by dropping the PC graphic properties from 32Bit to 16 bit. Could anyone advise on wether they think it would be a dodgy processor, Graphics card, Power Supply or Motherboard? (I am using onboard graphics card currently 8MB, don't know how to increase from within BIOS. Can't see any setting for it)

One of the sites that the Pc crashes on is Skysports dot com but only when i open a Java applet.
Exact address is Skysports dot com> ScoreCentre > and then select either foot, rugby or cricket website and slect.

My Pc has an Aopen motherboard.
PC has 900Mhz processor > 20GB HD with Windows XP SP2 installed.
Please note my motherboard only has onboard graphics 8MB.

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Do you have Java?

by dawgit In reply to PC Crashing

Do you have a Java Run Time Enviroment (from Sun) Loaded / installed on the computer? If not, then you'll probably get crashes trying to use a Java applet.
How much total memory does your computer have installed? If you don't have enough, it could cause crashes, when more memory is called for. (and not available) -d

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