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    pc doctor on call


    by ronichas ·

    i downloaded the free diagnostic test. it came back with many problems that can be fixed for $29. has anyone ever done this? does it work? i am not sure if the problems really exist or not. thanks for any help.

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      by dmiles ·

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      It is a marketing ploy to get attention to the software,there was a post about the software on this site a while back,it is generated to report errors that gets your attention to buy the software,use the tools that come with your operating system and run maintenance regularly,another thing if you havethese problems how can the system still work and not crash,raed the marketing article below
      On-line Strategies – How do you get people to visit your site and download the free diagnostic software?

      There are basically two ways to get people to your PC Doctor site, free or for-a-fee.

      Other than telling a personal friend to go to your site (covered in strategy #1 below), the free techniques are usually less reliable, take more time and don’t produce significant results fast enough.

      The for-a-fee techniques are more reliable, faster, and produce bigger results.

      You may advertise PC Doctor OnCall in a number of ways to gain extra traffic and referrals. Examples:

      You can mention it to friends or people in newsgroups.

      Mention it to discussion letters & e-zines. (Just give them your URL or direct them to your site first so you’ll get credit).

      Submit your page to the search engines.

      Testimonials on how you like and use the program are always good. Do a review of the product. This adds real content to your existing site if you have one.

      Consider using banner ads with the banner ad networks.

      Put the URL in the signature of your e-mails.

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      by wlbowers ·

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      Put that $29.00 towards Nortons System Works.

      Don’t install it run it from the CD. You will get better results.


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