PC doesn't appear in WSUS Unassigned Computers

By techrepublic ·
I have been using WSUS successfully for a long time to update PC's

I am trying to get an old HP D510 to update from WSUS. I have treated this PC the same as all the others.

I have added PC to WSUS group policy. Usually the PC will appear in Unassigned Computers group in WSUS, where I can then assign it to a group. However it won't appear.

I can see in Automatic Updates that PC has received Group Policy settings from AD, and from local machine tried gpupdate /force, reboots etc etc...

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks

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Duplicate SID?

by ServiceTech In reply to PC doesn't appear in WSUS ...

We went through a major issue with PC's not showing up. Ours turned out to be caused by the disk duplication process. These SID's are not deleted by sysprep.
On the PC in question, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\

You will find two keys there

Back them up and then delete both.

Also check
The "WUServer" should be pointing to your WSUS server.

Then from the command line type,

%SystemRoot%\system32\wuauclt.exe /resetauthorization /detectnow

Wait a few minutes and reboot. It should show up in WSUS then.

We had a major issue when we first started using WSUS. We have 2,100 PC's but only 1,600 were showing up. I had to create a script to check the WSUS SID on every workstation. That's when I found that we had about a dozen SID's being used repeatedly. After I knew which SID's were being reused, I created a login script that compared the workstation WSUS SID to a .txt file that contained a list of duplicate SID's. If the workstations WSUS SID was on the list, then a script ran that removed the duplicate and then it had the workstation request a new SID from WSUS.

Hope this helped,

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Impressive answer

by tintoman In reply to Duplicate SID?

Just thought I would say what an impressive and clear concise answer that is.
Give the man a thumbs up!

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Tool to solve Duplicate SID and Duplicate WSUS ID's for the long run

by snir In reply to Duplicate SID?


There is a tool for solving Duplicate SID and Duplicate WSUS ID's on your network.
It called DSM (Duplicate SID Monitor), the good thing about it that it will monitor your network all the time and not just the one time you ran the script to solve a problem.

Link to the tool:

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