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    PC doesn’t boot up (no signs of life…)


    by uchenik2-forums ·

    I’ve been searching this board and Google for a few hours now, and even though I’ve seen a few people describe a similar problem, I have not yet found a solution.

    I’ve had my PC for 3 years, and until today it’s been working just fine. But, when I tried to boot it up today it had absolutely NO signs of life (no fans spinning, no front panel lights on, etc) except for the lonely green LED light on the motherboard. I tried disconnecting all of the peripherals, disconnecting and reconnecting all cables from the power supply, replacing my RAM, but still the same result.

    Does anyone have any ideas what I should try next? I have:
    * Asus K8V SE Deluxe
    * AMD Athlon 64 3400+
    * 2 x Corsair XMS3200/1024MB/400Mhz
    * ULTRA X-Connect? 500W ATX PSU

    Kostya K.

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      by uchenik2-forums ·

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      Sounds like it might be your power supply

      by l-mo ·

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      If you have a second machine that you can use, try testing the components one at a time.

      You may just need a new power supply.

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      test your power supply

      by the scummy one ·

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      as this is likely the problem.

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      These beeps are what you are looking for when you start up.

      by Anonymous ·

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      Beep Code:
      Description of Problem:

      No Beeps
      Short, No power, Bad CPU / MB, Loose Peripherals

      One Beep
      Everything is normal and Computer POSTed fine

      Two Beeps
      POST/CMOS Error

      One Long Beep, One Short Beep
      Motherboard Problem

      One Long Beep, Two Short Beeps
      Video Problem

      One Long Beep, Three Short Beeps
      Video Problem

      Three Long Beeps
      Keyboard Error

      Repeated Long Beeps
      Memory Error

      Continuous Hi-Lo Beeps
      CPU Overheating
      If you have non then look at your power supply first (replace it if you have to).
      Then look at your processor (take out and place back). If you still have nothing (no power) then a new motherboard is what you are looking for. Hope this help you out.

      Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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      Well the Obvious thing here is that the 3 V DC Rail is working

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to PC doesn’t boot up (no signs of life…)

      But most likely the 5 V DC and 12 V DC Rail have no power coming from them so look at the PS as the culprit here.

      If it’s a decent Make PS it will have sacrificed itself to protect the internals of the computer. If it’s a cheap Nasty Power Supply it will have allowed a Major Power Spike into the case destroying the internal components but the PS will still work when you replace everything that has been destroyed. Either way you want to get rid of it as it’s dangerous and much more expensive to use than a Properly Made PS that does it’s job.

      Look for any marks on the M’Board. HDD Circuit Boards and if you can not see any fit a Known Good PS and test the hardware. If you see any signs of Electrical Damage replace the components affected then try again with a Known Good PS.

      Just turning off the computer when you finish with it doesn’t remove power from the M’Board with ATX Power Supplies they always have the 5 V DC Rail on which produces a ripple when you push the On Button on the front of the case so while they are plugged into the Mains the PS is always working.

      Of course you always run the risk of plugging in a new PS and trashing it as well if the Circuitry has been screwed up completely.


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