PC doesn't start up

By supernecro ·
Good day
I was playing games over the weekend when my PC just froze. I had to press the power button to switch it off. But now my PC just doesn't boot up anymore. Everything seems to be fine because all the fans are running and the motherboard also powers up. Can this be a HDD problem? I also swapped the HDD but still the same problem. I have had this PC now for almost 5 years and only added new Graphics cards over the years. I have never had this problem. Please help.

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RE: PC doesn't start up

by samuel.tetteh In reply to PC doesn't start up

supernecro, the lifespan of a computer is 5years. I think your computer has spent its maximum life, so please change it. On the other hand, try changing the memories, that might work.


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If you've constantly renewed the graphics card(s) ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to PC doesn't start up

You may well have exceeded the current drain that your existing Power Supply Unit is capable of sustaining.

Without knowing the details of your PC it is hard to say.

What is the make and model of your PC?
What is your current graphics card?

What did you mean by "also swapped the HDD but still the same problem"?

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HDD swap

by supernecro In reply to If you've constantly rene ...

I thought that it might be the HDD that has failed. That is why I swapped it. The power supply is brand new. Not sure what model my PC is but it is an IBM which is about 5 years old.
My current graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce 8600GT 256Mb as far as I remember.

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Well anything is possible here

by OH Smeg In reply to PC doesn't start up

The problem could be the result of a Failing Power Supply. Just because the Fans work only means that there is enough Voltage to run the Fans on the 12 V DC Rail. It in no way implies that any of the other Voltage Rails is actually working.

To prove this one way or the other you need to fit a Known Good Power Supply and test the system again. If it works now you need to replace the Power Supply with either a Known Good one or a new one with sufficient Power to run your individual computer.

The insides of the case could be full of Dust and other Gunk causing a Short Circuit and you need to clean it out but without introducing any Static Discharges into the M'Board or other Sensitive Electronic Parts of the computer. You can use Canned Air to **** out the insides of the case but you need to make sure that any fitted fans Do Not Turn as they will generate Electrical Current which will damage the insides of the computer.

You could also have corroded contacts so look at any Plug in Cards remove and refit them into the slots that they came out of. If the Contacts are really dirty or Dull you can clean them with a soft rubber/eraser before refitting them. This includes the Memory Modules.

Probably more importantly is the computer making any Noises when you apply Power? This will be the M'Board trying to tell you what is wrong and you'll need to consult either the Computers Makers Manual or the M'Board Manual for the BIOS Beep Codes to see what they mean.


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by supernecro In reply to Well anything is possible ...

This is actually a rather new 500W power supply which I bought about 6 months ago so that I can run my graphics card. This is a bit strange.
The only problem I have now is that I don't have another power supply which generates enough power to run my graphics card to do the test you recommend. But I will try and find one.
My M'Board doesn't make any beeping sounds when starting up.
I also think that it might just be time to try and get some cash and buy a new PC.

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POST up and check BIOS

by DMambo In reply to hmmm

Can you open the BIOS and get a list of the IDE or SATA devices? For God's sake, do a little troubleshooting before just throwing in the towel.

Boot to a OS disk or other bootable CD, run chkdsk, Use UBCD4Win and run stinger...anything. Don't just go out and buy a new PC. If that's your answer, better buy a cheap used one because you'll be going through them pretty quickly with your attitude.

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by supernecro In reply to POST up and check BIOS

My PC doesn't start up so I can't boot it with a CD... That is why I started this post!
maybe next time just read the other post also before starting to get aggressive with people. Maybe you must deregister yourself from this website because with your attitude you might just get *****-slapped. Please don't reply to my posts again if you don't have any positive information.
Seems like you don't get it all every morning and now you take it out on people you don't even know.
Seems like you may have an ID10T problem!!!!

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by DMambo In reply to WHAT?

I assumed that if you swapped the HDD, then you must have at least seen some output on the screen. If you're not seeing any output at all, then I apologize for my misinterpretation.

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Well the age of the PS isn't overly important

by OH Smeg In reply to hmmm

They are designed to stop the nasties on the Mains from getting inside the system. Quite often they can die in very short order because of a Power Spike that was generated on the mains and the PS couldn't absorb. So they crapped out a Electrolytic Capacitor.

But if you still have your old Video Card and PS I would try fitting those first before proceeding any further. You may even be able to use your Old PS to test to the POST Screen to see if there is any activity at the M'Board level.

Currently there doesn't seem to be any activity there so I would be looking at the PS as the first option because it's much cheaper than either a New M'Board/CPU/RAM Combination or any of those individual components if they are still currently available.

I suppose you could try clearing the BIOS in case something has messed that up as well. It's not common and more of a shot in the dark but at this point it's worth a try.

You could also try removing everything but the M'Board from the PS and see if it works now. You want to hear a Single Beep telling you that it has passed the Power On Self Test. If that isn't happening there isn't much point in trying anything else until you have swapped out with a working Power Supply to check the Low Level Functions of the M'Board.


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Have you tried swapping out the monitor ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to PC doesn't start up

It might be a long shot but maybe you're not seeing anything on the screen due to monitor failure.

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