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PC drags down Network

By beachboy11 ·
Had a strange thing happen today, just like to get some feedback. Had a stand alone Dell Dimension (I think it was a 2300) that this customer wanted to put on their network. The computer was basically used as a Word Processor with MS Word. Really nothing else on it, the backup I did before putting it on the network showed only 3.5 gigs.
Anyway, I put it on the network and right away, the network went south. EVERYTHING was extremely slow, so did all the normal things to find out what was going on.
After a couple of hours, I disconnected the CAT5 from the Dell off the network, and everything was then fine. Put it back on the network, drug the network back down.
Now this box had NEVER been on the net before, but ran antivirus and a few spywares, but found nothing.
Here's the thing. I went into Network properties and checked the "Show icon in notification area when connected" and it didn't show a whole lot of traffic. Pinged the box from 8 or 9 other boxes, all came back at 1ms.
Pinged out of the box, same times. Then watched the packets coming and going from the box, minimal at best.
Any idea's on what the problem might be?? TIA

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Bad network card

by p.j.hutchison In reply to PC drags down Network

Bad network cards are known to do this, by flooding the network with loads of network packets (a network 'sniffer' tool).
Also some viruses and worms can spread as soon as an infected machine is connected to the network.

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Re: Bad network card

by beachboy11 In reply to Bad network card

Thanks. I'll try another network card. Like I had said, the virus problem was just about nill since it had never been on the Net before, and I had run an anti-virus anyway. Thanks.

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DHCP, DNS, WINS, or Master Browser

by CharlieSpencer In reply to PC drags down Network

Check the desktop and see if it's accidentally configured to perform any of these services.

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Re: Master Browser

by beachboy11 In reply to DHCP, DNS, WINS, or Maste ...

Ding....Didn't even think about that. Was on a job once and someone jumped on a 1400 PC run network and he jumped on with his laptop and brought that network down. Thanks for the idea.

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