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PC DVD player

By Mike (from Canada) ·
I am looking for ANY DECENT DVD PLAYER that works on a low-end machine. I dont care if it is for windows 95, windows 3.1, or DOS. I want it to to be able to play DVD's without the need for me to search endlessly for the perfect codec.

At this moment, I am using Elecard's DVD decoder package. It is the fastest package so far, but it is not able to decode the video completely Instead, I see random (character size) multi-color squares in the picture. The software that came with the DVD-ROM drive worked the same way with speed reduction. That software is Cyberlink's PowerDVD. I have tried DOS DVDROAST, but it was not able to show a single picture in a reasonable amount of time.

Please help me solve this problem. I want to start watching DVD's on my computer without buying additional components, and Yes, I do have a DVD player and my country settings are correct.

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by BFilmFan In reply to PC DVD player

The quality of DVD playback depends on the speed of the system, RAM, video memory, etc, etc.

It isn't simply a question of purchasing a new DVD player.

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by Mike (from Canada) In reply to

I perfectly understand what you are saying, but your answer did not solve my problem. To me, everything about the DVD is OK. the only problem is that the picture is not 100% clear. the sound is very well produced, the video rate seems to be at normal, but the viewing the picture normally is the problem I am having.

Right now, my matter is finding the perfect software that can read, decode, and play the VOB files on the DVD so that I can watch the movies.

Thanks for your post, but I'm afraid it did not help me at all.

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by Mike (from Canada) In reply to

I do like the some of the links you gave, but the minimum system requirements exceeds my computer.

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by TheChas In reply to PC DVD player

On a low end PC, you need a hardware DVD decoder card period!

Even then, you can have display issues if your graphics adapter is not up to the task.

If you have on-board graphics, you might get some improvement if you change the RAM settings and allocate more RAM for video.

Just how low end is this PC?

I have had good performance with Power DVD on a 900MHz Athlon system with 768MB of RAM, 64MB Nvidia GeForce graphics, and Windows XP.

What OS are you running?

Which version of Power DVD?

What revision of DirectX?

There are various combinations of hardware and software that just do not work well together.

Another thing I would advise is to install the latest drivers for the chip-set on your motherboard, and your video card.


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by Mike (from Canada) In reply to

This is what I find funny. Everyone says to "install the latest stuff", and it seems that "the latest stuff" doesn't always work right. I find DirectX 8.0a is slower than DirectX 3.0, and Internet Explorer 5 is slower than Internet Explorer 3. I think Microsoft is the reason why everyone is upgrading their computers now, but for me, I am gonna succeed with my system. To me, it hurts to throw an obsolete computer in the garbage.

I'm closing the question, because this question seems to be getting me nowhere.

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by Mike (from Canada) In reply to PC DVD player

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