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PC Fails to boot

By cturner ·
I have been asked to look at a computer which is failing to boot, it locks up when the 'PCI Device Listing' is on the screen. I can get to the Bios which sees both HDD and all seems ok, if I remove all adaptors from the computer and disconnect all drives etc leaving just the memory/cpu it will boot to the Bios and the keyboard NumLock/Caps lock lights work, if leaving all adaptor cards out for the moment I plug the floppy/hdd or cdrom into the IDE onboard ports then the system locks at the above point and the keyboard lights are now non-working (I have tried a different IDE cable and a known working HDD with the same result). Has the onboard IDE Controller gone kaput? if I was to buy a seperate PCI IDE controller would that work or is the Motherboard beyond help. The computer is a PII 233Mhz with 96Mb Ram & windows 98. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

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Forgot to mention

by cturner In reply to PC Fails to boot

Sorry but I forgot to add that it fails to boot from a floppy or CDRom, the correct boot sequence has been set in the BIOS to allow this.


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no CD

by djent In reply to Forgot to mention

Your assumption is probably correct. You may not be able to disable the drive controllers so another controller wont solve the issue. This leaves the MB, this sounds like the time to let this machine die gracefully and upgrade to something current.

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