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PC for a corrosive environment

By MC_User ·
I am a new tech at a local High School. I've been assigned the job of building a PC from old components capable of running W2000. The PC will go to the swim team and be housed in the same room with the pool. It will run software to keep stats and possibly contol a scoreboard.

I've found out that they build a new PC out of old parts every year because the corrosive nature of the air near the enclosed pool ruins the equipment that they have.

Has anyone run into this kind of problem before and know a better solution?

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by JamesRL In reply to PC for a corrosive enviro ...

It probably isn't the time while being used during a meet that causes the issue - its the fact it sits there 7x24. So get a laptop and take it out of the area when not in use.


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by apotheon In reply to Laptop

You could use an even cheaper computer running Linux. Because Linux will run on much cheaper hardware and probably still give better performance, it might be the ideal choice for this use.

The laptop option is definitely a good one, though.

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Remote PC

by gralfus In reply to Laptop

Why not move the PC into another room and put the controls out where they have the PC now? That way they can save on parts and downtime and still work. Maybe use a wireless keyboard and mouse. Logitech has some nice ones.

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not remote enough

by apotheon In reply to Remote PC

Wireless mouse and keyboard will probably have a maximum range of something like seven to fourteen feet, if there aren't any walls in the way. Since walls in the way is what would protect the PC, I'm afraid that's not likely to work out.

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Makes me wonder

by jdmercha In reply to PC for a corrosive enviro ...

I wouldn't want to be in a room with air that corrodes electronic parts.

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Extreme solution

by raul62 In reply to PC for a corrosive enviro ...

Isn't this a work for a specialized portable, like those designed for industrial and battle environments? This should work for more than a year.
If you don't have alternative, think about liquid cooling the thing, in order to avoid air circulation inside the PC.
I like the laptop alternative as it diminishes the exposition to the corrosive environment.

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Medical Cart

by Toucan In reply to PC for a corrosive enviro ...

There are some really nice carts that are used in hospitals. Locks down the the PC, keyboard and mouse. Very easy to roll. Some have enclosures for the PC, you could add one of those stay dry tubs that are used in Boats and RVs to dry the air. Maybe add a nice plastic cover to help contain the airspace and keep the dessicant working. Roll the unit to safety after events.

While there are many "harsh" environment units, I hardly see the school springing for the costs.

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good point

by apotheon In reply to Medical Cart

You could even load a car battery onto the cart and, by way of a power inverter, use that to run the computer and peripherals. Then, after you use it for a bit, you can recharge the battery with a car battery charger in the other room (or you could hook it up to your car with jumper cables to recharge it, I suppose, if you're too cheap to buy a car battery charger). I'm not sure how advisable this is, though.

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Budget contraints

by methos7997 In reply to PC for a corrosive enviro ...

What's you budget? NEMA rated enclosures is a possibility. Nematron does a NEMA rated pc enclosure mostly for industrial used.
It can also be a school wide project...if you have programming classes in the school, you can try to see if you can get approval for a NEMA rated Touch screen pc...Have the class work on the program as a large programming assignment.

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Technology Grant

by Toucan In reply to Budget contraints

Get a grant for the project. It's amazing how much $ is available

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