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By miteyhet ·
I have a Compaq Presario with Windows ME, I blieve its a 800 mhz processor, and i'm not 100% sure how much RAM as it's the family's coumputer, and I don't use it that much, but my question is the PC locks up. It does when someone is on the computer (opening and running applications, etc.) or when nobody is on it at all (screensaver on) I'm just wondering if this could be a motherboard issue, or a OS issue???

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by BlitzSonik In reply to PC Freeze

This issue could be memory related. When you screen saver is running it still uses RAM to do its thing just like when a user is do their thing.

I suggest having at least 256 MB in any computer I build for my clients.

Also, look into your Virtual Memory settings. This should be about 1.5 times the amount of physical RAM you have installed.

Hope this helps!

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by TheChas In reply to PC Freeze

Start by checking for an updated video driver.

The majority of Windows problems are from the video driver being out of date in relation to Windows system files.

If you have installed IE 6 or DirectX 9, you may need an updated video driver.

Next, check for applications running in the background.
Open task manager:
(Ctrl, Alt, Delete)
If there are a lot more than 1 page of applications running, you should remove / disable some applications that run at startup.

The first place to begin the cleaning process is the system tray.
Right click on the icons for programs that you don't need all the time.
Look for options, preferences, or settings.
You should be able to disable most of these programs.
The only programs you "need" are your anti-virus and firewall.

Next, download and run AdAware
and / or SpyBot Search and Destroy

These will help clean out ad-ware and spy-ware applications that some web-sites and "free" software install on your PC.

Clean up the hard drive as much as practical.
1 good place is C:\Windows\Temp
It is generally safe to delete files that are over 2 weeks old.

Boot into safe mode, and run scandisk and defrag.

2 cautions on the advice in answer 1:

For Windows Me, you want between 128MB and 384MB of RAM.
Installing more than 511MB can trigger a Windows bug.
While I have not seen test results for Me, Windows 98 actually starts to slow down when you install more than 196MB of RAM.

I advise AGAINST setting a fixed size page file (virtual memory).
If you do desire a fixed size page file, make it the larger of 2 times system RAM, or 1GB minus system RAM.

The problem with a fixed size page file is that when programs need more memory than the total of real and virtual memory, Windows WILL crash!

IMHO, the "best" fix for your system freezes may be to upgrade to Windows XP.
Windows Me is considered to be the least stable and bug-ridden version of Windows.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to PC Freeze

Look up Safe Mode in Help and see if it locks up in safe mode.

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by OTL In reply to PC Freeze

To check amount of ram right click on my computer and click on properties, it is just above support information button.

Check your temp and temporary internet folder C:\windows\temp\ and C:\windows\temporary internet files\ for over 1200 entries. ME gets squirrelly at over 1200.

Check for scheduled tasks in start -> settings -> control panel -> scheduled tasks. If anything is scheduled to run more than once a day could be bogging down the PC.

Reset screen saver for over 1 hour, screen saver seemed to mess with Windows versions upto Win 2000.

IE-6 SP1 totally screwed with ME and the patches afterward helped a great deal. Check for latest updates.

Open My Computer and see how much space is left on the HD under 10% time for an additional/larger HD, defrag it ! If defrag takes more than 1 hour you will see a great deal less problems with the PC afterward.

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by emekusman In reply to PC Freeze

I've hard same problem before. Just reinstall the system with the disks given you. there must be a conflict in memeory.

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