PC freeze

By arafat ·
Hi all.
As question topic says, the girlfriend's PC I have been checking on freezes.
First time I start it up it lets me boot WinXP and works for short time (its never same time) and sometimes i manage to start internet browser or any file or program, but in short time it freezes and stays that way w/o resetting. Even mouse is frozen on screen. Now, if i restart it with reset button (because nothing else works) it sometimes freezes after BIOS load screen and sometimes after WinXP boot screen loads (just before it would go to welcome screen). After few resets it will not even start booting WinXP but it brings black screen with message:

"Reboot and select proper boot device
or Insert Boot Media in selected boot device and press a key"

No matter how many times i reset PC now it always shows this message.

Could this message be because several manual restarts had messed MBR on HD? And aside that message, could the source of freezing in first place be bad PSU?

Thanks in advance,


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Could be bad PSU or HDD

by seanferd In reply to PC freeze

or bad RAM. Check the HDD connections, make sure they are snug. Make sure there is nothing in the CD or floppy drives, don't leave USB sticks or any other external data cards attached. In BIOS, make sure that HD0 is the boot device. An exception: will it boot properly from a boot or recovery disk? If so, try the FDISK /MBR option.
Remove any unnecessary peripherals or expansion cards to see if the PSU is overtaxed. If it is bad, you can only tell by testing or replacing it. If you really suspect a bad PSU, don't turn on the machine.
Test the memory: <br> <br>
Get the Windows binary. Read or copy all instructions. <br><br> <br>
This test is from Microsoft, and may show issues that Windows has with memory, yet don't otherwise affect the system. This is a boot disk like memtest, run it and put it on floppy or CD. <br><br>
If none of the above show problems (after you get the HDD working) check on the video card and drivers. Update them.
If you find something out, post back. Failing suggestions from anyone else, you may need to have the system serviced.
I hope the system gets better!

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by arafat In reply to Could be bad PSU or HDD

Thank you, i will try out that next time i'm at her place.

Will post what happened

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