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    PC Freezes in Case, not during Bench Test


    by vincentcecelia ·

    I bench tested my friend’s PC after upgrading his PSU (upgrade to 650W), Video Card to 512MB (PNY GeForce 880GTS, RAM to 4 1GB Sticks (PC will not boot/POST with 3 or 4 sticks in mobo [If you can help with this problem please let me know]). Mother board is ASUS P5ne32 sli.

    The problem is after I upgraded all of these parts from a previosu problem, the computer freezes inside of the case, but not on the bench test outside fo the case. I could let it run for hours out side of the case and even play Overload and Oblivion for 10-20 minutes.

    Inside of the case however, the PC freezes upon BIOS sometimes, even at the Windows XP log in screen, and just randomly. I believe that the mobo is shorting on the standoffs of the case. The fix that I am currently implementing now is to add nylon washers to both sides of the motherboard separating the screw from the motherboard and the motherboard from the brass stand stand offs. I hope this will some this problem and if any one has any suggestions I am all ears.

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