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pc freezes or shutdown

By SystemCheck ·
i have a asus p5n32 e sli mobo with intel core2 duo 3.00 cpu 535w psu with for fans running at 2000rpm. when i wake up pc run for about 1.5 hours then freezes on me or restarts then after the restart or me manually restart (cause it froze) it'll become more frequent. today i noticed like right now that the cpu is running at 155degrees fareinheit, gpu (xfx gts 250 1gb) is running at 130, mobo 116, this all started about 4 days ago out of the blues, new cant play games or anything for long. could someone tell me what is broken?

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155 F is WAY Hot

by TheChas In reply to pc freezes or shutdown

155? F is far too high a temperature for your CPU.

Make sure that the CPU fan is spinning,

The heatsink is not plugged with dust,

The heatsink has not come loose from the CPU.

Under "normal" operation, the base of the heatsink next to the CPU should be warm and the top near the fan should be cooler.

If the bottom of the heatsink is cool, then the heat from the CPU is not being transferred to the heatsink. Shut down the system and install new thermal paste and reseat the heatsink.

If the entire heatsink is hot and air can flow through it, then a motherboard failure is causing your CPU to overheat. The most likely cause is the low voltage regulator that supplies power to the CPU. However, this failure should cause the BIOS PC Health alarm to sound.

You might want to enter BIOS setup and in the PC Health section, verify that the alarms are enabled and that the fan speeds and supply voltages are normal.

One additional check, with power off, you should be able to manually spin the blades on the fans. If the blades are hard to move or wobble a lot, it is time to replace the fan.


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Well things are getting hot here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to pc freezes or shutdown

You need to find out why. So open the case and blow out any dust particularly in the CPU and GPU if fitted Heat Sink.

These M'Boards are set to restart when the CPU reaches a certain Temp to prevent the CPU overheating and burning out. You can access this Setting in the BIOS to make any changes that are necessary but if the CPU is reaching 155 F it's way too hot for it's own good and it sounds as if the M'Board is doing exactly what it should to prevent damage.

When you clean out the inside of the case make sure not to allow any Fans to spin as they will generate Electricity which isn't at all good for the M'Board and attached components. Do Not use any Static Dusters, Cleaning Cloths as these are far more damaging to the Electronics than the actual dust.

You should use low pressure Air to blow out the insides of the case so something like Canned Air or a Low Pressure Compressor that doesn't have a Centrifugal Type Air Pump will be the best things to use.


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hot in here`

by SystemCheck In reply to Well things are getting h ...

okay placed thermal paste on the cpu, cleared the dust pc been on for about 10 min cpu at 159, mobo 123, gpu 141

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That is way too hot for a F Temp and destroying if it is C

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to hot in here`

You'll have to look at air flow through the case and that the fans are actually working.

There should be a Air Intake at the front of the case that may be blocked and either one in the back of in a side cover. Also check to make sure that the Fan in the CPU is working if that's not working replace the Power Supply.

Naturally replace any defective fans.


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Double Check

by TheChas In reply to hot in here`

The first thing you should do is verify that the CPU is getting that hot. Even the motherboard and GPU temperatures are very high.

With the system up to temperature, shut it down and carefully probe around inside your case. Is heat radiating off of the GPU heatsink? Same for the CPU heatsink.

If you cannot see the thermals from the CPU and GPU, bring your hand or a finger to about 1/4" away from the CPU heatsink. Can you feel the heat? If not, touch the heatsink. If it is cool, then your temperature sense circuit is failing. I would start planning a new motherboard.

If things are getting as hot as the system temperatures report, it is time to find the root cause.

As Oh Smeg has stated, you may just have an airflow problem. But, as quickly as this system heats up, I suspect a power problem.

Start by having your power supply tested. Is the 3.3 or 5 volt supply high? If so, that would explain all of the high temperatures. Unfortunately, the cause for the high CPU temp could still be a bad regulator circuit on the motherboard that was damaged by the failed power supply.

If this was my system, after seeing those temperatures, I would replace everything except my drives. If the 5 or 12 volt supplies from the power supply were high, I would back up my data and replace the drives too. Total failure is just days if not hours away.


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havnt tried that

by SystemCheck In reply to Double Check

but i can feel the heat coming out the top of the case, all fans run at max (2048 rpm) like they have for last two years. so should i replace the psu first and test it with that? and see how it goes

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