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PC freezes when logging in

By fender98528 ·
I had tons of problems at home with a SATA 80gig Seagate drive so I decided to try my moboards onboard RAID and got 2 WD 80gig drives and set them up in RAID 0 and installed XP on it. That worked great and everything was stable for a while, but now my computer freezes about 80% of the time when I log in. There is nothing posted in the event logs when this happens. If it doesn't happen when I log in it usually happens after a few minutes playing music in winamp. It's a hard freeze where the sound even gets stuck in a loop. Any ideas?

Athlon XP1800 (not overclocked)
768 MB PC2700 DDR
Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra with latest BIOS
Windows XP Pro SP2 with all available updates
2 Western Digital 80 gig ATA 100 drives in RAID0 array for OS
Brand new 500w Ultra Xconnect power supply

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to PC freezes when logging i ...

It sounds very much like a software problem and most likely something to do with Windows SP 2 when you installed SP2 did you get a message that the RAID controller was not Digitally Signed with XP?

This is a fairly common problem associated with SP2 and if you installed XP with SP2 already on the install CD there is very little that you can do about it. What I would however suggest is if you can lay your hands on a copy of Norton's Utilities install that and run Win Doctor and fix any load errors or failing that you can try System Mechanic 5 which you can get a fully working version trial for 30 days from

Download the basic version as you do not want the Pro version it only has an AV program in it otherwise there is no difference and run the Registry Clean & Repair options. If it is a Windows Registry problem this should cure your problems but if it is a Driver issue with SP 2 I would un-install SP2 first if you can ands then see how the unit functions.

Lets know if you need any more advice.


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by wcp In reply to PC freezes when logging i ...

I?d like to offer you two probable causes.

1. Video card
Make sure you have the latest driver. If you still have the problem, replace the card.

2. RAM
You may have to set the RAM frequency to 133MHz in BIOS.
Do MS OCA test ( or MEM86 test (

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by kawarimi In reply to PC freezes when logging i ...

Can you boot up in safe mode? if you can go in safe mode smoothly, that means there could big possibility of driver conflicts, so remove any latest device or driver installed, and re-installed it, if can, get a windows logo certified drivers or latest device drivers from official websites.

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by psjjl In reply to PC freezes when logging i ...

Do you use ATi deisplay card? is Soyo KT 333 using VIA Chipset?

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